This Mancat Mancave is PURRfect for Entertaining

Luxury Cathouse is a purrfect mancat mancave

This luxury mancat mancave has three seprit apartmints inside so you can git yer privacy even win you have a lot of gerlcats viziting. (Let’s face it. After the hundreth time having a gerlcat ask you, “Does this collar make my butt look fat?” it’s nice to be abul to take a brake and watch Monster Truk Ralleys in peece.)

Thare’s room for six cats to sleep in, so yer mancat pawties can continyoo long into the nite. The upper sweet has a lounging ledge. It has neet round doors with vinyl flaps.

The platform razes the mancave 12 inches offa the ground to provide a nice cool, shaded lounging area. Cuz you know, mancats are ALL about lounging!

The hole thing is made a cedar wich smells nice and is a nacheral flee repellent. Cuz you don’t wunt to give a gerlcat flees!

Remember, it’s not too erly to put this on yer Krissmiss wish list!

Click heer for the detes on this Mancat Mancave.

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