Mancat Mancave: Skyscraper!


Sometimes I see a Mancat Mancave that I cannot live withowt, and this is just that sort of mancat mancave.  Mancats, have you ever seen anything so grand?

It is stufft full of cats wich meens cats reely love it. And look at the kuntented looks on thoze mancats’ faces! Chek owt how well each sekshun  is color coordinated with the cats. I’m shur theze guys are just wating for sum hot gerlcats to show up. And I’m shur it won’t take long cuz they have such a fansy crib. 

Unforchewnitly, this is a Japaneeze mancat mancave, so you mite not be able to git one if you live sumware else. But sinse it is such a grate ixzample of Mancat Mancave arkytekcher, it mite be werth yer time to figyer out how to hack together one of yer own. 

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