Mancat Mancave: Spanish Villa

mancat mancave - luxury spanish villa for cats and dogs

Kittehs, if you have a gazillion dollars like Morris the Cat, maybe you can afford the down paymint on this ginormous cat villa.

Its Spanish-style arkitekcher is purrfect for Suthern Californya kittehs or maybe if yoo live in the Southwest. You could invite all yer frends to a kegger and still have room left to buy a harem online and invite them, too. It’s not too erly to plan yer Werld Sereez pawty!

4 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave: Spanish Villa

  1. I came bak to look at it a sekund time just in case it had a fur sale sine on it.

  2. That’s kwite a crib. Yoo wood be a royal mancat in there. Imagine how good the food wood be- yoo wood hav yore own shef!

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