Mancat Mancave: Stylish All-in-One DIY Project

Mancat Mancave

This very stylish Mancat Mancave is kertissy of It even gives yoo step-by-step instrukshuns on how to bild it. Wich werks if yer handy. I tride to use a rotary sander wunse and I neerly lost my hoo has.

As yoo can see, this Mancat Mancave has evrything. Food stayshun, Water stayshun, and more importuntly, a spayshus bed that has room for a harem. And room for yer barkolounger on the top. It was made out of a sekertary desk. You can probly git sumthing simular on freecycle or at a thrift shop.

So, mancats, I rekummend that you print out this page and leeve it one yer dad’s pillow. If he has three of more fingers missing frum previuss wordwerking aksidents, perhaps it wood be better to leeve it on yer mom’s pillow.

This project is so pawsome it was feecherd in the Noo York Times!. So check it out at addicted to decorating.

2 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave: Stylish All-in-One DIY Project

  1. You almost lost your hoo has using a sander? We think you might need to be included in the list of who not to leave the photo on the pillow.

    Nice looking catcave.

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