Mancat Mancave: The Palace!


Well, fokes, I think I can retire now. If found the best mancat mancave in the hole entire werld. It is this Mancat Palace that has a tapestry bed with poles so the gerlcats can do sum pole dansing, and mirrors and gold colums and even a purrsonal mouse assistant. Do you think thare’s a Mancat Mancave on the planet that could be any better than this????

Unforchewnitly — and this is reely bad news — I have no idea ware you can git this setup. If anybuddy knows, lemme know.

One thought on “Mancat Mancave: The Palace!

  1. Wowee! I don’t know yet if Poffertje (Mom adopted a new kitty when Bean died last week, so we cood give someone else a home) wants to be my gurlfrend, but dis cood be a deal-maker!

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