Mancat Mancave: The Swedish Farmhouse

swedish barn mancat mancave by L├ľNNEBERGA

Hey evrycat, it’s Fred heer with this week’s edishun of Mancat Mancaves.

It’s hard to find anything more mancatly than big red barns. Frisky wild cats are konseeved, born and razed in barns, after all. So you KNOW that this big red Swedish barn-stile house is about the mancatliest mancat mancave you can git. They say it has a reel bitumen roof, but I dunno whut that is. Sounds manly tho! That roof can be reemoved for kleening, wich is vary conveenient after a wild mancat pawty with a bunch of spicy vixins.

It’s tuff (like a mancat) and durable, with varnisht wood and brake-proof glass. All that, and it’s vary cheep, just “1.699 Euros”. Less than 2 euros for this? Whut a deel.

Dogs can also liv in it, but are they reely deeserving?

You can reed the deetales about this mancat mancave at

3 thoughts on “Mancat Mancave: The Swedish Farmhouse

  1. I have to say that this is one of the coolest cat homes I have ever seen. I would simply love chilling out in something this nice and intend to show my human this picture and the specs as soon as she gets home. Cardboard boxes are cool, but this cat house in the bomb!

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