Mancat Mancave: The Unspeakable Horror

cat bunkbed

Well, my frends, this week I have a krime aginst nature to share with you. I know it’s not an eezy thing to see, but I think it’s importunt for you to know whut the werld is coming to. And purrsunally, I wood like to see our prezidenshul kandidates address this ishoo win they deebate this week.

The issue is interspecies bed-sharing. As you can see in this foto above a purrfecktly good mancave has been cooty-fied by a cupple of flee-riddled mongrel dogs. And thare’s no one to stop them.

Can you imagine having sum sweet alone time with that speshul gerlcat only to heer the jingle of dogs tags and stench of milkbone breth??? Boy, I can’t think of a werse mood killer.

So I think thare shood be a law that cat beds are FOR CATS ONLY. I’m not voting fur any kandidate hoo won’t ban dogs frum Mancat Mancaves.

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