This Mancat Mancave is a Tower of Power!

mancat mancave monday power tower cat tower

Mancats, if you like gitting high to crooze fur gerlcats, this Mancat Mancave Tower Hideout is the Mancave for you! It is 64 inches high, wich is way taller than the biggest mancat I know. It comes in a manly brown color.

It mounts (ooh!) onto a wall with the inkluded hardware. If yer not handy with hardware, it can eezily be hung over a door frame. It has many levels and perches for lookowts and hidey holes. The top cubbyhole has a fake sheepskin bottom that is held in by Velcro so you can take it out and wash it, or place it in a different section.

It duzn’t qwite have enuf room for a big flatskreen teevee, but it duz have a lot of room to chase other cats up and down it. It wood be fun to see how many mancats yoo can stuff into it at one time.

And it can be folded up and hided away win company comes if yer peeps git emberrist by all the cat crap in the house win other peeple see it.

It’s less than $90, wich is a pretty good deel. For more info on buying it, dating sober.

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