Mancat Mancaves: Nightclub and Beach House

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The gerlcats will be lining up to rondayvoo with you win yer livin’ da dolchay veeta in this mancat mancave. There are 2 stiles: The Nightclub (above) and The Beach House (below).

If you have the misforchun to live with peeple who refuse to let your mancat mancave be seen in the livin’ room, The Nightclub or the The Beach House is garunteed to change thare minds. In fakt, I bet they’ll toss thare big skreen teevee in the reecycle bin and just look at yer Mancat Mancave for the sheer artfullness of its deezine.

It is completely hand crafted, and is a steel at $329 with FREE SHIPPING.

In addishun to sleepin’ qwarters and an entertanement lounge, it has sevrul skratchers so you can show off yer mancat klaws to yer gerlcat frends. Oh, Mama! This is goin’ on my Krissmiss list.

Where to Buy

Buy this byootiful cat house at James Lynch’s Etsy Shop.

4 thoughts on “Mancat Mancaves: Nightclub and Beach House

  1. Wow, those are spiffy…the cubbies need to be a squoosh bigger, though. Some us need more room for all our natural awesomeness…

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