Mancave for Architecturally Savvy Mancats

Architect-designed mancat mancave

If yer the kind of mancat who appreciates fine deezine, this mancat mancave may be the one for you.

Designed by an architectural student, it features sleek modern lines and plenty of room for a Barcolounger and Big Screen teevee.

It feechers the following:

  • Bright white walls and a ceiling-to-floor window on the south wall that maximizes the sunshine of short-lived spring and summer days.
  • A compact wall opening on the north end helps keep you warm during those long, winter months if you don’t have a gerlcat to cuddle up with.
  • A planter along the balconet that offers space for your very own garden (fresh catnip, anyone?)

Architect-designed mancat mancave

As you can see, it’s reely just a box with a window and a big opening. But sinse you’ll pay a lot of munneys for it, the gerlcats will be imprest. Wich meens they’ll think you have good taste. Even if yer just a Barcolounger kind of cat.

Architect-designed mancat mancave

2 thoughts on “Mancave for Architecturally Savvy Mancats

  1. Max, I’m sure you like chicks as much as the rest of us – the helplessness, the good taste, the fuzzy yellow feathers – but you are making my cats salivate talking about them. Srsly, there’s a puddle on the floor!

    On a more intellectual note, so much modern architecture seems to be dependent on words for its value. I mean, the cat condo above is a plain box made of white washed finish plywood and partially open on two sides. A minature faux planter is included at great extra charge. But you add some sweet phrases such as, “fine deezin” and “sleek modern lines”, you can get your design professor to give you an A+ with no sweat!


  2. I like that. Simple in design and execution, yet classy. And classy matters. Chicks dig classy…

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