Mancave Monday, Injun Style


Teepee Serves as a mancat cave for a lucky manly cat

Once upon a time thare was nuthin more mancatly than playing cowboys an injuns. Tomcat Sawyer and Huckletabby Finn did and it probly got them into trubble. I can’t qwite remember but evrything they did seemed to git them into trubble.

Wich is why I think this is a purrfect mancatcave. Big enuf to inklood yer harum, or little animuls yoo’ve kilt, or stuff yoo’ve pillaged. And it’s eco frendly, not made frum plastik krap that goze strate into landfill and duzn’t decompoze until after the grate James T Kirk is borned.

And if yoo an yer mancat frends chill inside wile puffin a nip cigars, the smoke goze strate out the top!

Now if the peeple you live with are lame, here’s the best part: This cardboard cat house can be assembled in about two minits, and no tools are reqwired. (That inkloods power tools. You know how much trubble they can be!)

Win assembled, it meazhures  22 x 22 x26 inches. The opening is just over 9 inches, big enuf for even the biggest baddest mancat you know!

About $28 frum Uncommon Goods. Purchase info.




This week this whiskerconsin ginger was slipped a little mickey,
Cuz he freeks out when he goes to that place where they poke n prod n stick ye.
He was named for a big hat race that’s run the first weekend in May.
For that’s when he got his furrever home; now he blogs most every day.

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