Mancave Monday: Sleek Design, Plush Pad

Cat House

This klassy cat house is at once sleek and modern, but also plush, thanks to the vary vary cushiony padding installed inside.

Even tho this house was deezined for a gerlcat named Olive, thare’s nuthin gerly about it and I think it makes a purrfect mancave. It has a rich arkitekcheral lineage, calling to mind the werk of Meez Vanderow. It was deezined by Leo Kempf.

It is the essense of simplicity and form following funkshun. Frum the floor-to-seeling window, you can check out all the gerlcats strutting by. And win you see sumthing you like you just invite her up! Access is thru the side, with a ramp leeding up to the top floor.

Whatdya think, mancats? Can you see yerselfs as king of this mancave?

Sleek modern cat house


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