Martini Cat Condo is a Purrfect Mancat Mancave

MANCAT MANCAVE -  cat condo

This martini cat condo can set the mood for an evening of holiday delites with yer faverite gerlcat that you’ll never furget. You can channel Don Draper as you sedoose yer gerlcat with stile and charm.

MANCAT MANCAVE - cat condo

This kitty condo is formidable at 4-feet tall. It feechers a bilt-in sisal rope scratch post above its base. The enclosed hideout area is cozy, wile the spacious lounge area on top can seet a cupple of cats. No werries about it toppling – its base ways 24 pounds, making it sooper stable.


Dimensions: 48”H x 40″W x 36”D
Weight: 66 lbs
Material: Plywood, Solid Pine (Posts), 100% Nylon Carpet
High quality carpet in a wide range of colors (18)
Sturdy and well balanced.
Simple assembly required
USA Handmade Martini Kitty Condo

MANCAT MANCAVE - Martini cat condo

Each martini cat condo is made to order in the U.S.A. in yer choice of 18 colors: like Catmopolitan Pink or Nip-n-Tonic green. Shaker is not included.

Martini Cat Condo Purchase Info

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