Ask Max Monday: IT’S PINK!!!

Hey Max, the other night our people had some real live fresh dead fish for dinner so I asked for some very politely, and to my surprise the Dad said yes! He put some on a plate for me and put it on the floor, and imagine my surprise when it was PINK. Pink fish! I took a nibble but it was horrible, so I looked up at him and said he must have given me the bad piece, but he just shrugged and said that was it, that was what they ate. I didn’t have to eat it, but I did anyway. I can’t get the taste out of my mouth. So please tell me, is pink a sign of bad fish and am I going to die?

Naw, dood, you’re gonna be just fine. That was probably salmon and I don’t like it either. Still, you might want to hock it up onto your Dad’s pillow, just to be sure he gets the message that you never want that fish again, even if he offers it.

We got the hots. We don’t have a cold air thingy like you have. The Mom is worried. What can she do for us?

I feel really bad for the kitties stuck in places that have the hots right now. It’s nice that your Mom worries about you, but there are a few things she can do:

1. Extra water bowls, so you don’t have to go far to get a drink. Drinking is important when you have the hots.

2. Put ice cubes in the water. Not a lot, just enough to keep the water cool. Plus, the ice is fun to play with.

3. Put fans around the house at the kitty’s level. Like one blowing across the floor, and another maybe aimed at a bed or sofa where the kitty likes to lounge.

4. Frequent food, but not a lot at once. If you eat dry food and free-feed, this is easy. But if you get wet food, too much at once if it’s really, really hot might make you feel barfy. A couple of spoonsful at a time. But don’t put the wet food in the fridge…that makes it hard for a kitty to smell it, and cats want to be able to smell what they eat. Some cats will still eat it cold, but most won’t.

Most kitties will be all right in a house if there’s plenty of water and fans blowing when it’s hot. But if a kitty looks distressed and starts to pant, the people might want to call the stabby place, just in case.

14 thoughts on “Ask Max Monday: IT’S PINK!!!

  1. Hey, Max, I have a qweschun. Akshully, three.

    We have this room in our house that has a cold shiny floor, the peeple litterbox, and a little room ware water gits sprade on you.

    Win the Food Lady goze in thare, she clozes the door. Well, that’s rood rite thare.

    So I go and open it, cuz it’s my job to make sure that 1) she duzn’t end up in that small room that sprays water all over yer body, and 2) that the monster inside the peeple litterbox that makes all the noize win yer done duzn’t eet her butt. And 3) sumtimes she just spends so much time in thare I werry that she mite be ded.

    So, even tho I am JUST DOING MY JOB, win I brake into the cold shiny floor room, she says, “SKEEZIX! Privacy Please!” But she duzn’t git up. And she usually lets me sit on her lap and cuddle.

    So my qweschuns are:

    1) Is this one of thoze sichuayshuns that Mr Tasty Face warnd me about ware No means Yes and Yes meens No? And she reely duz LIKE me coming in to the cold shiny floor room?

    2) Is it rood for her to cloze the door in my face?

    3) Has that monster in the peeple litter box that makes the noize win yer done ever eaten a cat?

    Thanks in advanse for yer help.

  2. Although we have a/c sometimes our mom will freeze washcloths and put a cold one under a thin material for us to sleep on. When she worked and it was super hot days she would put a bowl of ice down and let it melt into water. She always worry the power will go out.

    1. Naw, the ice cubes didn’t do him in. He just like the feeling of cool on his tongue. Really old guys like cold stuff, like ice cream and beer.

      And I think boobs rhyme with cubes because a lot of wimmens with them are…cold.

  3. We LIKE salmon, but Mom doesn’t an’ she can’t stand the smell, so we only get it if grandad has some at a restaurant an’ saves some for us! Don’t forget that those shrimp are pink!

  4. We have seen people filling water bottles and freezing them so that the cats can curl around them if they want too to stay cool too!

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