Meow the 40-lb Cat Succumbs to Morbid Obesity

Meow the 40-lb cat, died of respiratory failure due to morbid obesity

Meow the Cat, who weighed in at 39.10 lbs on intake at Santa Fe (NM) Humane, passed away from respiratory complications most likely related to his weight.

It was a battle against morbid obesity, and obesity won. Shelter workers are distraught, having fallen in love with the pudgy but personable pussycat.

Meow was surrendered by his elderly guardian when she could not longer care for the two-year-old orange and white tabby. The shelter ran tests and developed a weight lost strategy for Meow. He was moved to a foster home where he was active and happy. Then he started wheezing

“When we first heard Meow wheezing, we attributed it to possible allergies or the fact that he was moving around more in his foster home but treated it with further tests and medications,” said Jennifer Steketee, the shelter veterinarian who monitored Meow’s health. “Many obese people and animals wheeze when they walk, but we didn’t want to assume anything.”

Symptoms worsened, he was brought back to the shelter hospital for more tests, then taken to an emergency hospital for continued 24/7 care. Several veterinary specialists consulted on the case, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

“His extreme obesity may have set off a string of events that ultimately ended his life,” Steketee said.

If you would like to express your condolences, please visit Santa Fe Humane’s Facebook page.

More information about Meow is available here.

Info and photo via Santa Fe Humane Society


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