Meow like a pirate in this Mancat Mancave

mancat mancave - meow like a pirate cat tower

Arrghh, mateys! Because Meow Like a Pirate Day is this week, we’re feechering a Pirate’s Cove Cat Tower for this week’s Mancat Mancave.

Git yerselfs a wench, mancats, and klime the masts of this 6-foot-tall magnifisent tower. Make yer rat-faced brudder walk da plank! Swing frum tower to tower like Jonny Dipp! Slug bak a cupple o’ pints of catnip rum! Thare’s no end to the fun and mayhem yoo can have on this cat tower.

Where to buy the Pirate Cove Cat Tower

It’s made by DAnca Design on Etsy. It costs kind of a lot of green papers, but isn’t it werth it if you git yerself a wench?

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