Meow Like a Pirate, Mateys, an Grab Yerself a Wench!

Avast! Today we sellebrate MEOW LIKE A PIRATE DAY, a festival started long ago by t’ esteemed an’ feersum Cap’n Nels La Purr, who went t’ Davy Jones’ locker but still lives in our harts:

Capn Nels talk like a pirate

So do rite by Cap’n Nels and wrangle yer wenches ‘n grab a cask o’ nipitinis ‘n join th’ pawty. If ye don’t want t’ be skewerd in the innerds by Capn’ Chumbucket, leeve a link t’ a foto of yer smelly self in pirate garb.

Heer be a foto of my grate fren’ Cap’n Rocky McSlappy, who went t’ sleep with t’ fishes last yeer:

Rocky the Cat Meow like a pirate day

As fer me, I’ll be starin’ at the kleevidge of the most byootifullest wench in all the seven seas: Daisy the Curly Wench:

daisy the curly pirate wench

See??? Wenchy!!!

7 thoughts on “Meow Like a Pirate, Mateys, an Grab Yerself a Wench!

  1. This is our first year and we haven’t learned the language yet, but we set sail with a hardy crew. Jan misplaced one of them temporarily but Ginger Jasper sailed with us on time.

  2. I’m glad you like my fancy bodice! That outfit came with a skirt, but my belleh is too big to fit. Harley tried to wear the hat but his head is too big!

    Happy Meow like a Pirate Day!

  3. meYARRRRR! we thanks ye kindly fur yer notice o’th’day, an’ greets ye fondly inna name o’poseidon!! may ye an’ yers haf fair seas an’ followin’ winds all the days of all yer lifes!!

    yer piratey buds,
    meow fang, nitro th’nasty, xing th’slice, an’ igmu th’irascible

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