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I watch this moovie evry singul day. The man (hoo makes the pikchers start on the skreen) sez it’s my warm-up movie. It is called “Game for Cats” and it’s made by Hiccup and it is GRATE! You can git it for the iPad on iToonz.

It has BOTH the red dot game and a mowse running all over the place AT THE SAME TIME in split-skreen format! You never git bord cuz win yer tired of not ketching the red dot, you can watch the mouse for a wile. And if you paw at the skreen, majical things happen! You can watch the mowse git stuck in a trap with cheeze and YOU determine his fate — cut him loose or watch him die a slow painful deth. I just wish they had a mouse smell to go along with it. It will give you kravings!

Also, it’s way better to watch after you’ve had a cupple of hits of primo nip.

I give it 4 paws up, WAY up! This one’s a winner!

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