Meowvelous Movies: The Fishy Movie

Mao the Cat reviews movies for the iPad

Hi everycat. Today I’m going to review a movie that I’ve watched abowt a squillion times this week.

All my life I’ve bin begging my lady to git me a fish tank. It wood solve a lot of problims. Like she woodn’t have to open cans of stinky goodness so offin and I woodn’t be hogging the iPad all the time to watch my movies. But she has bin unmooved by my pleez.

This movie is just like havin a fish tank in yer howse, it’s just that reel. Well, it duzn’t smell fishy, but otherwize, it’s just like yer lookin at reel fish. Here’s my video review of this movie:

As yoo can see, it was kleerly a winner. I rekumend that yoo commandeer the iPad rite now to watch it!

Here’s a link to this grate video.

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