The Mews of Ayla, Iza and Marley


Our guests today are Ayla, Iza and Marley from the blog Mark’s Mews.  Park yourself on a comfortable fencepost and we’ll get right to the interview.

Ayla Iza Marley_rszd2

Funny Farmer Felines: Would you introduce yourselves and TBT to everyone?

Ayla:  The Big Thing (TBT) calls us the Mews.  “Mews” is a kinna joke because it means cats but also a place Beins live with animals.  We call TBT “The Big Thing” because Skeeter and LC (those who came before) did when they were kittens an dint really know what to make of him, just that he was real big and not a cat.

Iza:  Hi.  I’m the Alpha Kitty here.  Marley thinks he is but he’s not.  Im the handsomest sweetest-lookin Tonkinese girlcat you ever saw.

Marley:  MOL!  There’s a reason Iza cant stay on the otto-man when Im there.  But Im the orinj/white mancat who keeps the peace.

Funny Farmer Felines: We’ve never heard of the names Ayla and Iza before, although we have heard of “Marley.” Where did your names come from?

Ayla:  Officially, Iza an I are named after good female characters from the Jean Auel ‘Clan of the Cave Bear’ (CotCB) books. TBT had been saving the “Ayla” heroine name for his first Meezer girlcat and I got it. “Iza” was a related character in the books, so it fit when the next (somewhat unwelcome) girlcat arrived.

Marley:  TBT had planned “Creb” or “Brun” (positive male CotCB characters) for a male cat, but when he met Me needing a forever home, he decided “that was a really good name”. It just seemed to fit me purrfectly.  So I stayed “Marley”.

Funny Farmer Felines: What nicknames does TBT have for you?

Marley:  Iza is “Fatty” an Ayla is “The Prancin Queen” fer ezample.   TBT sometimes calls me “Gnarly Marley,” but not very often.  Hes tried Orange Sherbet and Creamsicle, but it just doesnt stick.   We have collectively connected nicknames though! Ayla does headbumps on TBT, Iza is, um, “heavy”, and I have a spot of black fur on my neck. So (are you ready for this?) we are “Nudge, Pudge, and Smudge”.  And BTW I think that black spot on my orange/white furs makes me a male calico…

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you come to live together?

Iza:  Ayla came to the Mews House first because TBT emailed to a Meezer breeder and suggested that any meezer who “wasn’t up to breeder standard” would find a good home here. So he got Ayla, I remind Ayla about that “not up to standards” part often. I got here basically the same way, cuz the breeder lady thought my Meezer colors were “smudged”.  Well, it took a year, but we learned that I was really a Tonkinese and my colors were what they were SPOSED ta be.  Marley was harder to get. TBT wanted an orange/white boycat  because Ayla and Iza were hissy after LC left and he was convinced that another orange/white boycat would calm things down. He searched many local shelters but it was a blog friend who found Marley needing a home because his lady Bein was allergic. He was right about orange/white boycats; things have been (mostly) calm here ever since…

Ayla:  Yer gonna pay fer that remark. Iza.  Next time yer unner the cat trees, better look up…

Funny Farmer Felines: Are you indoor or outdoor kitties?

Ayla:  We are all indoor/outdoor kitties in daytime. Marley is more outdoor than Iza who is more outdoor than I am. Marley and Iza both go out in the backyard looking fer mousies a lot, but Iza spends more time chillaxin on the deck or inside. I used ta go out an sit up high in trees a lot, but I dont go out much annymore since the spay operation finally “took” (It took 3 operations to get me fixed right.  The breeders vet missed stuff twice but my own vet did it right). But when I go out now, I just climb the fence an sit on the top fer a hour or two.  We are not allowed out after dark.  We all come in (pretty well) when called.

Marley:  I sure do love bein outside.  TBT has ta rattle the kibble jar to get me inside sometimes.

Funny Farmer Felines: What are your favorite activities…toys … treats?

Iza:  Im the main playing cat here.  I go crazy for tossed rattley-mice at anny time!  Im willing to crash into almost annything or go tearing down the stairs after them.  Marley prefers wand toys most;y (and Ayla an I join in on that).

Ayla:  MY  favrit toys are plastic milk-jug rings and an old empty worn-out (formerly nip) cloth mouse that I carries around at dawn while I merfs loudly.  Its a TRUE Meezer thing.

Marley:  We also have a special routine while TBT eats his dinner. He brings a small bowl of kibbles (which we only get as treats) to his TV tray and he tosses them across the wood floors one at a time for us to chase. Im a fanatic about those; Ayla and Iza like them too, but not like I do. I will fling myself down the stairs to get one.

Aside from toys an foods, we LOVE the 2 big cat trees in the living room and are always running up them, nappin on them, or scratching on the sisal rope columns.  Iza also likes to tear up the Ess and turn floor mats upside down on herself.  She also loves lap-nappin.  I do some, Ayla hardly ever these days.  We all sleep on the big waterbed with TBT.

Funny Farmer Felines: Your blog was started by LC and Skeeter (both now at the bridge) back in August 2006, before any of you were born. So you had some mighty big  paws to step into, but you’ve done a good job of stamping it with your own personalities. Do you consider it to have a theme?

Marley:  Skeeter and LC did indeed leave some big pawprints.  Fortunately, Ayla was here for the last year of Skeeter’s life and Iza was here for the last year of LC’s, so they were able to pick up the blogging gradually.  They both helped me when I arrived.  Ive seen that some other blogs have a theme like rescue, medical care, beauty, or humor. I would have to say ours is mostly just about us gettin along in OUR daily lives.  TBT tries to stay in the background unless we need some help or are seriously misunderstandin somethin about the wider world beyond our fence.

Ayla:  Also, we do most of our own blogging, but we do ask TBT ta do anny minor editing.   He says there is a lot of “minor” editing.  An ya may have noticed that we have our own writing an spellin style. We do the best we can with Bein language, but some of the rules dont make much sense.  We learned it from Skeeter and LC, but they hadda figure most of it out themselves.  It probly helped them that they were about 14 when they started bloggin cuz they had been listenin to TBT talk all their long lifes.  So we just think about Bein werds like they did.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you belong to any clubs or groups? And does TBT help you participate in any of the blogging events, such as Talk like a pirate day, LiveStrong, Box Day, etc?

Iza:  We dont actally belong to anny clubs or groups, but we LOVE doing Special Days.  We sometimes miss one though. We read the reminder about it, then get completely distracted.  But TBT is pretty good about helpin us amember when those really good days are comin and suggestin stuff we could do for those themes.  Sometimes he even makes stuff fer us to use in the blog pictures.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special plans for the future of your blog?

Ayla:  Our main hope for the blog is that there are no new cats in it.  We are VERY happy with things as they are, and we dont like changes.

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you like and dislike about blogging?

Marley:  Well, some days we just wanna lay around an not do annything, but then one of us will ask the others if they put up a post fer the day.  Since we usually manage ta get a post up each day, its sort of a tradition now.  So either somekitty  says they did or we try ta think of something and tell TBT what we want to do.  Of course, most times, TBT just takes pictures of us “doin stuff” and lets us pick and choose which to write about.  We like that best.  The thing we dislike about blogging is reading about friends who have suddenly gone over the Bridge.

Funny Farmer Felines: What advice would you give to anyone just starting a blog?

Ayla, Iza & Marley:  Read other blogs to see what you like about them, but dont try to copy annykitty.  Remember a picture is werth a thousand werds, so show a few pictures an just type a couple sentences about each one instead of typing the thousand werds.  Remember that pictures are showing action, so have them be a part of a story.  Put a picture of all of you, with yer names, in the top or the side; there are a lot of kitties out there an nokitty can remember EVRY other one.  Dont get too fancy with tricks in the posts; too much glitter or snowflakes can get confoosin and scroll-across links are not nice surprises.  But most of all, have fun!  Iffen you arent, your readers wont either.

Funny Farmer Felines:  We have enjoyed getting to know each of these kitties better.  TBT is very good about taking lots of photos of them and the photos do make a blog post a picture story.

Ayla, Iza and Marley can be found at Mark’s Mews.  Stop by to visit and read some picture stories.

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  1. Great innerview, per usual. After hearing about Dash today, I wonder why others let their cats go out. I found it surprising that beans would make you catch your treats.

  2. What a great idea–interviews with kitties. Well, I’d be happy to be interviewed if you run out of kitties. I’m a French kitty with Italian connections (not THAT kind…just Italian step-sister and brother)so a lot goes on around here in three languages.
    LOVED the interviews and love the name “Mousebreath”…mice could use a little help with that, no?

  3. another grate interviews FFF and veree nice two get two noe everee one at de mews houz !!

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