Mid-Century Modern Mancave Mancave is Groovy

mancat mancave modern cat condo by wohnblock

I don’t usually go fur modern mancat mancaves cuz “modern” meens “no carpeting” and I hate to have a mancave ware I can’t git a good skratch in win I need it… like after playing Funky Town with da ladies. If it don’t have carpeting, I’m not intristed.

So I wuz surprized that this stilish modern cave DUZ have carpiting and you can PIK OUT YER OWN COLORS!

mancat mancave modern cat condo by wohnblock lets you configure custom colors

You can even pik out my fave two colors oringe and green together! Now that’s sumthing you don’t find in the pet sekshun of yer local Costco. Theeze are by Wohnblock in Jerminny.

Now the one thing that sux is that yer peeps can also use yer mancat mancave to store thare books and krap. But if you whap thare krap onto the floor offin enuf, they’ll give up and let you have this mancat mancave all to yerself and yer laydeez.

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3 thoughts on “Mid-Century Modern Mancave Mancave is Groovy

    1. Books and crap can be fun…middle of the night, you knock that chit off onto the floor, the people get all excited and jump out of bed. Tons of Kitty Fun!

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