Monday’s Mancat Mancave

Mancat Mancave Cat House is da bomb

I reeeeeeely love the upper deck on this Mancat Mancave
. You can have lots of pawties and barby ques up thare and get the gerlcats baked on nip and nipitinis and then take them down to yer mancave on the bottom floor.

The hole thing is made of cedar and yer peeple can eezily put it together in about 20 minits unless thare reely lame in the DIY department. It’s priced at about $75.

You can click heer for more info on this Merry Pet “Room with a View” Cat House.

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Mancat Mancave

  1. Woodn’t this look be-yootiful next to my w-hurl-pool? Time to tok it up to Dad and let him noe this is so cool!

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