Monson Victim Won’t Bulldoze ’til Cat is Found

Monson tornado victim Mike Roescher won't bulldoze until his cat Rocky is found
Monson, Massachusetts rezidents are putting thare lifes back together after a bad tornado hit the area last week. Part of the rebillding process includes having bulldozers clear property of homes that were leveled in the storm.

But at leest one rezident is waiting for a cat to come home before he calls up a bulldozing teem.

Mike Roescher had seven cats pre-tornado. All of them disappeered when the twister came thru. Mr. Mike hisself was neerly sucked into the sky — the only thing that saved him was his basement water heeter, to wich he clung for deer life.

Post-tornado, dozens of Mr. Mike’s famly members and strangers carefully pulled apart the rubble of his former 2-story home looking for his missing fur famly. Since it’s too noizy during the day with the whine of chainsaws to heer the missing cats, Mr. Mike camps out in a tent at the site evry nite, using an LED flashlite to hunt for his cats. “It helps me see the cat’s eyes,” he says.

One by one the cats have either reternd or have been rescued from under the fowndation. One, an orange tabby named Frankie, was spotted in the nayberhood but naybers coodn’t ketch him.

Mr Mike sed, “I set some traps with food, then I heard him meow and I said ‘Frankie,’ and he jumped into my arms.”

One cat, Rocky, remanes missing. Mr Mike is adamant that he won’t bring in the bulldozers until Rocky is found.

Good luck Mr. Mike and Rocky. We hope this story has a happy ending.

Heer’s a video repurrt:

5 thoughts on “Monson Victim Won’t Bulldoze ’til Cat is Found

  1. Awesome. If you have contact with Mike, please tell him he is our hero of the month. (Me and all 18 of my cats think he is supurrrrr)

  2. We are purrin for them….mom got a little leaky there for a second…we hope Rocky makes it home safe…and we are very glad the rest of Mr. Mike’s cats are already safe!

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