Mosaic Mancat Mancave Monday

This Mancat Mancave is fit for a king!

Mancats, if yer looking for a gerlcat-magnet crib, you can’t go rong with this stylish Mancat Mancave. Of korse, you’ll probly need to be the spokescat fur a major pet food company or have good enuf kredit to git a morgidge, cuz this manshun costs $1200.

It is made of plywood with fansy mosaic art decoration all over it. It is 30″ tall, 20″ wide and 25-1/2″ deep. The inside has manly red stripey wallpaper. It has six skylites and four interior windows. And, an interior cushun for maximum comfert.

Check it out!

Mancat Mancave - detail

Mancat Mancave Fit for a KING!

Reddy to pony up for this byooty?

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