Most Pawpular Cat Breeds in 2020

The Cat Fanciers’ Associated released the top ten (or eleven) pawpular breeds for 2020. The ranking is based on their worldwide registration statistics for 2020 to determine the most popular cat breeds. CFA accepts 46 pedigreed breeds for registration, and registers companion cats and rescued non-pedigree cats under its Companion Cat World program.

Before you go nuclear over the evils of cat breeding, know that about 95% of cats are “companion” cats&em;as in, “nutts.” Mixed breed cats often have fewer of the heallth issues that can befall purebreds of certain breeds. Responsible breeders are careful to breed out the health issues and are necessary to keep purebred lines pure.

Cat Fanciers' Assoc Most Popular Breeds

If you want a purebred but blanch at the propect of going through a breeder, many of these breeds have rescues through which you can adopt. Or, search via Petfinder. For example, when adopting Reno and Banzai I specifically wanted a flame point Siamese. It’s hard for me to visit a shelter and see dozens of cats who might not get adopted. But through Petfinder I can do a search of local shelters and rescues and find exactly the cat I want, including one of a specific breed.

An understanding of a breed’s characteristics can help inform your decision-making. For example, if you want a quiet, docile lap cat, a Ragdoll is a better choice than an Abyssinian or a Siamese. This knowledge can decrease the number of failed adoptions that occur when someone wants a designer cat to impress friends rather than one who will become a family member.

That said, nuthin’ beats a plain ol’ ginger tabby.

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  1. They are all beautiful in their own ways. All of ours are “mutts” now, although we know Mikey was part Maine Coon (the big part!).

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