Mousebreath Interviews Taz on His 22nd Birthday

Even though Mousebreath is not yet officially up and running, we could not resist celebrating Internet icon Taz the Cat’s 22nd birthday. I have been a fan and friend of Tax for almost my hole life. He’s da gratest.

Today is Taz the Cat’s 22nd berthday. Yep, you red that rite. The big 2-2. We caught up with him at his Michigan estate and asked him qweschuns about geezerhood:

SKEEZIX: Taz, we were so worried about you a few months ago when you had surgery, yet you had a remarkable recovery. How are you feeling these days?
Actually, Skeez, I am feeling pretty well. My weight is steady. My latest blood test, however, does show that my CRF has progressed. This means that my folks must do my poking twice a week at home, in addition to my usual once a week at my vet’s.

SKEEZIX: Care to share your secret for a long and happy life?
I have had competent staff, although my old WS must be constantly supervised by my Dad to insure quality. My doctors have been excellent and I am blessed with good genes. I have always been a long, lean Tazvestite machine and this makes my bones ache less.

SKEEZIX: Do you ever wish you were an only child?
Some of my housemates have been quality companions, like my dear sister Flinders, and my late brother Boots. Then I have had to tolerate unfortunate additions such as Orfiend, Latin Gomer and the ridiculous baby Marvel Ann. Dad says they all keep me on my toes. What does he think I am, a ballerina??

SKEEZIX: Of all the kyoot owtfits you’ve worn, which is your favorite?
Well, just between you and me, the Dorothy ensemble did suit me to purrfection….

SKEEZIX: You know, your mom’s a Scorpio, my mom’s a Scorpio, and my speshul frend Daisy’s mom is a Scorpio.
Do you think Scorpio ladies have a special understanding of a cat’s need to express himself through fashion? Hmmm….so it was written in the stars, huh?

SKEEZIX:Looking back over your long life, what is your fondest memory?
Well, my favorite activity still is going for a walk in the backyard on my leash with my Dad. Sniffing the flowers and shuffling through the ferns are my favorite things to do there.

SKEEZIX: How are you celebrating this birthday?
My Dad is going to spend the day with me, taking me for lots of walks, buying me some special foods and snuggling me.

SKEEZIX: They say that orange cats have more fun. Do you think that’s true?
Yup. ***winks***

SKEEZIX: How would you like to be remembered?
I hope folks will remember my innate feline dignity in the face of the many sartorial challenges imposed upon me by that old WS.

SKEEZIX: What’s on your Bucket List?
You know, I think I have done just about everything I wanted to do. I have been a very lucky guy.

Happy Purrthday, Taz!

9 thoughts on “Mousebreath Interviews Taz on His 22nd Birthday

  1. Happy 22nd Birthday to the great Taz! Calvin told me he is the most pawsome orangie ever, and I think Calvin was right!

  2. Wow, 23! Let’s hope more of us can live such a long life!
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes,
    Hippo Birdie Deer TAZ,
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes… and many moooooore!

    1. Happy 23rd Birthday Taz! We think you’re amazing and are looking forward to hearing all about it!
      Love & purrs & hugs
      Alfie & mum Jennifer

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