Mousebreath’s Karen Nichols to Appear on “Pets Teach Us So Much” Radio Today


Karen Nichols, the Managing Editor of Mousebreath Magazine, will be a guest on TPPC.TV today (Thursday) discussing BarkWorld, Agility Cats, the relative merits of Star Trek cats vs. Star Wars Cats, and Cat Scouts. Will she be able to talk fast enough to squeeze it all in?

TPPC.TV is the home of the Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show, hosted by passionate pet lovers Robbin and Joseph Everett. The radio show is an energetic, entertaining and often hilarious blend of guest interviews, special interest stories, animal heroes, and a Love Genie segment that helps you step back and smell the roses.

You can join the peanut gallery in the chat room, where Karen and Drew often hang out during the show. 

Tune in at 6pm ET/3pm PDT. You can either listen from the blue widget about halfway down Mousebreath’s sidebar, or you can go to the BlogTalk radio website.

6 thoughts on “Mousebreath’s Karen Nichols to Appear on “Pets Teach Us So Much” Radio Today

  1. How awesome! BTW, my human LOVED your session on cat agility, and probably took more notes while you were talking than at just about any other session. Seriously!

    Luckily, it was all with Binga in mind, not me!!

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