Move Over, Spot and Isis. There’s a New Cat in The Star Trek Universe.

I enjoyed the 3rd season premiere of Star Trek Discovery, even more so when I saw a new cast member, a Maine Coon named Grudge.

Book and Grudge

Grudge is one in a long line of Trek cats, going back to the original series.

In 2268, the USS Enterprise, on a mission in the 20th century, encountered Gary Seven, agent of a benevolent alien power that interfered to prevent civilizations from destroying themselves. He was accompanied by a cat named Isis, who proved popular with the ship’s officers.

Spock and Isis

Chester was the pet cat of Liam Bilby at his home on Farius Prime in 2374.

Chester, owned by Liam Bilby and, later, Miles O’Brien. (DS9)

In 2370, there were 12 male felines aboard Enterprise-D. (TNG: “Genesis”) The biggest feline star, of course, was Cmdr Data’s cat, Spot.

Cmdr Data and Spot

Remember that time when the ship crashed, and it took some time before Data was able to retrieve Spot from the rubble? Makes me weepy just thinking about it.

Data’s love affair with cats was infectious, spreading to other shipmates like Reginald Barclay:

He was unable to turn every shipmate into a cat lover, however:

Spot proved to be Data’s muse:

In fact, Data and his love of cats is so popular, they inspired an action figure set (here seen with Dr Crusher):NOTE: I know what you’re thinking: That can’t possibly be Beverly cuz she’s not wearing blue. True, Beverly is red-shirted, not in the blue of a medical officer, and Data sports a skunk stripe and civies. These figures are from the “All Good Things” episode, which depicts the characters in future versios of themselves.

Barclay (later on Voyager) was so enamored of Spot, he adopted his own cat and named him Neelix after a Voyager shipmate.

Barclay and Neelix

Tasha Yar appeared with a cat in the TNG episode “Where No One Has Gone Before.”She attempted to protect him while being pursued by a rape gang:

Grudge joins the luminaries above as a Federation kitty. For a behind-the-scenes look at how Grudge prepared for the role watch the video:

Grudge has a Twitter account if you’d like to follow her adventures.

Interestingly, cats outnumber dogs in the Star Trek universe (YAY!). The dogs I remember are:

  • Porthos. (Enterprise)
  • Number 1 (Picard)
  • Butler (Star Trek Movie)
  • Alpha 177 Canine (TOS)
  • Mollie (Voyager)

…I’m sure I’ve missed a few TrekCats TrekDogs along the way; please leave a comment with the ones I missed!

Discovery airs on Thursdays on CBS All-Access.


3 thoughts on “Move Over, Spot and Isis. There’s a New Cat in The Star Trek Universe.

  1. Oooh! I just watched, quite literally, the first episode of the new series and seen/met ‘Grudge’. Such a cool name, though us cats do NOT hold grudges as such. I cant wait to see how her role pans out in the coming episodes. Surely she will be topping the credits very soon!
    Thanks for sharing, and I hope you can keep us up to speed with all of Grudge’s insights and news as the series progresses. Frankly, this is now my TOP programme!

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