Must. Buy. Leggings You Can’t Live Without

You may not believe this, but I own very little cat apparel. I don’t know how I’ll be able to pass these leggings up.

They come in full or capri lengths. The original art on them is delightful, and the seller promises they won’t lose their shape. The cost? A little over $43, available from OranChicken Designs.

2 thoughts on “Must. Buy. Leggings You Can’t Live Without

  1. Dear Max, I have some very sad news for you. It is 2:00am EST time here.Our cat Frank has gone over to the Rainbow Bridge. This just happened. He had a bad few days. He always had problems with warm weather. Combined with his condition, we knew this was going to happen. He hadn’t eating for a couple days. I tried to give him somet water yesterday but he coughed it up later in the day. He could not walk anymore. He spent the last few days on the couch. His back legs were not working right. My mother thinks that when we lost Max last year, that started his downturn. Combined with age and health, maybe it was just to much. Frank was a wonderful cat. He would stay on me on my bed at night and would sleep with me. What also stinks is that today is my birthday. I will always now relate my birthday with his passing. I can skip my birthday this year or even postpone it. Frank is more important right now. I just wanted to tell you because I have been mentioning Frank to you for a while now. I do not have anything to ask you as I have asked you this already. I just wanted to tell you. We have not told my sister yet because it the middle of the night. We will have to tell her later today. Sorry for the long letter but I just had to tell you because I know you were interested in Frank. Thank you for letting me vent. We will probably not have anymore cats We have had cats in this house for most of the last 35 years. My mother does not want to go through the emotionals that go with pet ownership. I think I have taken enough of your time. I will write you soon. Steve L.

    1. Dear Steve & Family, Sincere condolences to you all for the loss of your dear Frank. It’s never easy to lose someone so special. Pain is the price we pay for love and our furkids give it freely and unconditionally. Go ahead and celebrate your birthday as you celebrate Frank, he wants you to be happy. Aloha.

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