New Cat Tatt Site to Help You Brand Your Peeps

New Cat Tattoo Site is the Cat's Meow

Some of you cats are lucky enuf to have been able to brand yer peeps with a pikcher of yerself or one of the many cat goddesses. I’m not so lucky. Yet.

But my Food Lady’s eyes lighted up when Newmie’s mom told her about a new cat tattoo website brot to you by the Moderncat empire.

Yep, it’s cat tatts all the time over thare, and wether yer thinking about gitting a cattoo or are just into cat tatt appreciation, is the place to be.


New Cat Tattoo Site is the Cat's Meow


And here’s how the cat tatt site was born, according to my frend Kate:


“If you’ve been following the Moderncat Facebook page, you may remember a few months ago when I decided to speed dating angel islington.  Of course, it wasn’t just any tattoo, it was the Cat Woman portrait of me that appeared in the interracial dating oklahoma city. Up until then, I had never considered getting a tattoo — the thought had never crossed my mind. But, as many people will tell you, tattoos are quite addictive, so I’ve been researching new ideas for tattoos (cat images, of course, which I found out are called “cattoos”), and just as I found when I created Moderncat, there wasn’t a source that gathered together just what I was looking for — cat tattoo images in this case — into a single, easy to navigate, and beautiful website. So, welcome to my newest little place on the web, carbon dating proved wrong.”

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