New Friskies iPad Game

friskies games for cats happy wings

Cats all over the world are apurr with news of the new Friskies ipad game, Happy Wings. Like the other interactive games Friskies has purrduced, Happy Wings taps into the cat’s primal need to hunt, catch and kill.

The game’s levels feature various winged insects and beasts that flutter across the screen accompanied by those wingbeat sounds that put the cats’ play instincts into overdrive.

Mao and Skeezix have not yet mastered the art of catching the onscreen prey, but they could watch this for hours; they were mesmerized by it as if it were a lava lamp or aquarium. We’ll be spending the weekend purrfecting their prey-catching skills and see if they can rack up some points!

Where to get Happy Wings

Happy Wings and all of free interactive cat games are available from Friskies at


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