NFL Star a Self-Professed Cat Guy

I don’t know who he is; I don’t follow football. (He’s the highest paid running back in the NFL.) But he’s my new favorite football player. Todd Gurley loves cats.

In an interview with ESPN’s Sam Alipour, in response to “What would you list as your dislikes?” he revealed that he hates dogs and loves cats.

“And I hate dogs. I love cats, though. Cats are so cool. Actually, I’m probably gonna get some this year.”

Gurley said he’s going to get at least two cats because “how would I feel if I was a cat and someone bought me and just left me by myself  for like 20 years?”

When asked if he’ll be a Crazy Cat Lady, the running back said yes, he’ll be “Cat Dude.” Move over Jackson Galaxy, there’s a new Cat Guy on the block!


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