Nietzsche the Cat is Top Tabby at The Book Man

Nietsche the Bookstore Cat at the Bookman

Nietzsche is a VERY busy cat.

He manages The Book Man, the second largest used bookstore in the province of British Columbia, Canada. As befitting his pawsition, he has 13 slaves to cater to his every whim. Not bad for a former pound cat, eh?

Nietzsche was adopted from a local animal shelter, Safe Haven, in May 2008. By pawpular vote, his name was determined by the store staff his 13 slaves.

By all accounts, he’s the purrfect mellow bookstore cat. Live is good! He waits patiently for grooming after his breakfast each morning, although he does get ticked if his slaves deviate from the schedule. Ever vigilant, he prefers to stretch out across the front counter, or curl up in a chair by the front window.

He LOVES stroller rides, and will follow stroller-pushers around the store, begging for a ride. He also loves rolling chair rides. Vrooooom!

Nietzsche recently hired a feline snoopervisor to help out at Book Man’s Abbotsford store, and there is currently a contest running to vote on the new cat’s name! Drop by and submit your vote!

Nietzsche was strangely silent when asked about Schopenhauer’s influence on his feline philosophy. But then, he was overdue for a union-mandated afternoon break and a dish of catnip tea.

The Book Man is located at 45939 Wellington Ave in Chilliwack BC. Drop by and say hey to Nietzsche!

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  1. Thank you very much for your article about me. I agree that I fabulous.
    I will say now that Schopenhauer’s pessimism and philosophical clarity have been inspirational to me. (I just had a catnip tea break, so my mind is fresh)

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