Nurse Rad is no Nurse Ratchett

Rademenesa was a wee kitten when he nearly died from a respiratory infection. The veterinary hospital that saved this lucky black cat’s life adopted him as the full-time hospital cat, and Nurse Rad takes his work very seriously.
He’s the Chief Medical Cuddler, aiding the recovery of patients with CPR (cuddles, purrs and relaxation.)

He’s very brave, even cuddling up with DAWGS who are many times his size.
Nurse Rademenesa is tireless in his efforts to make every patient at his hospital as comfortable as pawsible.

Nurse Rad, we salute you!

2 thoughts on “Nurse Rad is no Nurse Ratchett

  1. What a brave and helpful kitty. He is a credit to all animals. Cats, dogs and all animals can do so much more than most people give them credit for.

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