Obituary: Gracey the Tiniest Tiger


BlogPaws was bittersweet this year. My dear friend, Joanne McGonagle, could not attend because her boss and muse, Gracey the Tiniest Tiger, had a health crisis which ended in her journey to The Bridge.

Gracey gained national attention when she won Bissell’s MVP Contest in 2010 and donated $10,000 to PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary — a donation which kept them in business. She worked tirelessly to purrmote big cat rescue through her Conservation Cub Club, a community of 50,000 fans of wild cat conservation.

I won’t attempt to eulogize Gracey here, since her mom did so far more eloquently on Gracey’s web site. Please drop by the Conservation Cub Club to add your remembrances of Gracey and send purrs to Joanne, Paul, and Bossy Blue Jay.

6 thoughts on “Obituary: Gracey the Tiniest Tiger

  1. This is so sad. My thoughts and prayers are with Joanne and Paul. I know how hard it is to lose one of our beloved felines. I recently had to put down one of my community cats due to a mouth infection. I was heartbroken. My dear Lion King is in a better place now. No more suffering.

  2. We are all heartbroken. We love our sweet Gracey, as if she was one of our own family. Our thoughts and Prayers are with Joanne and Paul. xoxoxo

  3. Oh no! I am just hearing of this. My thoughts are prayers are with Joanne. Loved Gracey.

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