OBITUARY: Kismet Big Mancat has Gone to the Bridge

kismet the big mancat

I can praktikly not tipe cuz my face is leeking so bad.

My deerest oldest frend in the Cat Blogosphere, Kismet the Big Mancat, went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He had suffered from cardiomyopathy for a cupple of yeers. Before he took the walk to the Bridge, he peed all over his ladey’s bed, which was fitting. He was sleeping with her when he passed.

Kismet was like a big bruther to me, but not as lowd as my big bruther Mao. For thoze of you who weren’t arownd for the beginning of the Cat Blogosphere, Kismet contributed sevrul grate werds to the CB vokabulary. Werds like “mancat” and “whisker humps.”

Speeking of humps, Kismet liked to hump blankets, and that’s how I got the idea for my Boner Blankie wich has made my life much much much more plezhurable and helps me deel with da urjes.

Kismet also led the charge of Feline Fashunistas. He deezerves a spot in the Mancat GQ Hall of Fame, cuz he reely knew how to dress. His stile tended toward stripey tshirts and hoodies.

Kismet tawt me all about being a Mancat. We kinda growed up together. Once he sed, “Win in dowt, pee on it,” wich was good advice altho I never reely did that cuz I wuzn’t as brave as Kismet win it came to gitting in trubble.

Kismet lived on the meen streets of Brooklin New Yawk with a pak of killer chiwawas win he was reskyooed by his lady. At leest, that’s his story. I always admired his street schmarts.

Kismet is survived by his ladey, his sister Sophie and Henry the Bun. And his bestest best frend ever, Skeezix the Cat.

I love you, Kizzy. I hope you and Rocky have fun tawking about Mancat stuff and Spicy Vixins in a nice warm spot across the Bridge.

35 thoughts on “OBITUARY: Kismet Big Mancat has Gone to the Bridge

  1. What a nice tribute to Kismet.
    We also have a Whisker Hump Wednesday today in honor of him!
    We know you will miss Kismet terribly, but as you know, he has met many, many furriends at The Bridge and waits for us to join them.

    Happy WHW!
    ~ Noah and The Bunch

  2. Wonderful tribute to Kismet, Skeezix. We are so very sorry to hear it was his time to cross over the Rainbow Bridge. He was one of the originals of the CB and will be greatly missed, but always remembered.


  3. Kit, mama and I were so sorry to hear that Kismet runned off to the Bridge. He was a truly great Mancat. We are sending purrs and hugs to his Person.

  4. Oh, no! Not Kismet! He was one of the most mancatly of alla the man cats in the entire blogosphere! Rest weep, dodo! You’ll surely be missed!
    Mraw mraw,
    DMM and the Feline Americans

  5. This is a sad sad day. Kismet the MANCAT led a wonderful life protecting his lady. Safe to say he will be watching over his hyooman from up above just as she watched over him when he was on earth. He will also be peeing on his cloud in heaven.

  6. Kismet reely helped me understand how importunt that peein’ on stuff was to ixpressing my purrsunality. I wood not be the mancat I am today without Kismet’s tootering. I always wisht I had whiskerhumps like his.

  7. We were heartbroken this morning when we found out Kismet had gone to the bridge. Your obituary was wonderful. We are going to miss him and his whisker humps.

    Cody and Gracie

  8. We didn’t know Kismet, but we are honored to know where the term ManCat came from as Nigel, Madison and Figaro all owe him a big thank you for the inspiration. Sending hugs to his family.

    ::bows head in honor::



  9. We didn’t know Kismet well but we met him in the last year or so and were so sad for his family and all his many many fans (here and on Catster) that he left. Purrs.

  10. Oh, dear, we were so sorry to hear this about Kismet running off to the Bridge. We really liked what a wonderful tribute that you gave to him here.

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  11. Oh, yes, this is a very beautiful tribute, Skeezix. I still can’t believe he is gone. I think he taught us all about being mancats. His big heart will live on in ours.

  12. Dis was da purrfect tribute fur da orginal mancat. We’z sure gonna miss him and we think Speedy will do a whisker hump Wednesday post in his honor. Ah, Kismet, you’ve broke our hearts.

  13. Great tribute. Mommie remembers how much she fell in love with you and Kismet when you both would converse in the comments section your two blogs. The two of your were her inspirations for Jake and Bathsheba’s blog. Mommie remembers that Kismet was always impressed with Bathsheba’s extra toes. We wish we could have met him when he lived in Virginia.
    RIP you big mancat.

  14. Dood, you did Kismet a solid with this. He was an awesome dood, and we should all totally do a Whisker Hump Wednesday.

    I think in his honor I’ll go pee on something tonight.

    1. Oh Max, this made me laugh through my tears. Thank you. Kismet would like it most if you could find a futon to pee on, that was always his favorite.

  15. I think we should make a Whisker Hump Wednesday is Kismet’s honor…My bestest cat, Bo, also had HCM and I, too, lost him in June 2005, in the middle of the night, 10 years after his diagnosis and 5 years into being treated for CRF. There is not a day goes by that I don’t miss him

  16. Skeezix, that is a truly grrreat obituary fur a grrreat cat, so suiting fur tha Big Dude. I’s gonna link to it on the CB so effurryone can read it.
    Me and Mommy ML’s been leaky-eyed also.
    Kismet was larger than life, literally and figuratively.
    He’s left a huge big hole that no one can ever fill.
    Love & Purrs,

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