Obituary: Taz the Tazvestite, 22 Years Old

taz the cat never missed orange and green fun on st patrick[s day

It is with a hevvy hart that I share the news that my best frend Taz has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Born in 1989, he would have bin 23 years old in a cupple of munths.

taz the cat was proud to ware the pink

Like me, Taz loved to ware pink, and he looked grate in it.

I vizited Taz last summer in his house. It was the hilite of my life. I got to hang with Taz, who was vary chill, and I got a tour of Taz’s garden, wich is the best cat garden I’ve ever seen. I also got to see his ginormous clozet full of cat clothes! Very impressive. I will never furget the time I spent with Taz.

Taz loved sheeps. Evry yeer on his berthday, his dad wood git him a sheep cake. Win we wint to Mishygun last yeer, Taz’s mom took us to see Taz’s sheep. She even got sum sheep poop on her.

taz loved sheep

Taz was a fixcher on Catster, ware he won Diary of the Day honors sevrul times. Like me, he enjoyed waring those shiny bloo beenies.

taz wearing the yarmulke

Taz wuz an inspiration to everycat. He grew old with grace and dignity and maintained his sense of humor till the end. Despite major surgery last year, he recoverd nicely, even tho the scar was kind of scary. He loved his mum and dad so much, he wunted to stay with them as long as he could.

In addishun to his mom and dad, survivors include Gomez, Marvel Ann, Ko, Orvis, Jacob and Joey

Rememberances can be left on Taz’s Catster page.

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  1. Dood, I’m really sorry your friend has gone to the Bridge. But man, 23 years old! He must have been extra awesome, and I wish I had known him.

  2. Thanks for writing this for Taz. We have all been too sad to write a proper obituary for my beloved brother.

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