Perfectly Parker is Pawsitively Purrfect

Perfectly Parker is Pawsitively Purrfect
Funny Farm Felines: We recently had an opportunity to sit down and interview our lovely friend Parker. We have been following her blog since it began in March 2007. She was inspired to open it by Mousebreath’s own Skeezix, as well as other “old-time” blogging kitties.

We inherited Jan’s short memory, so it was like hearing Parker’s story for the first time. For those of you who haven’t met Parker before, curl up with a cup of warm milk and let us introduce her. Even if you’ve already met her, you might learn something new.

Parker, tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a 10 year old formerly feral girl. My eyes are different colors. The term for this is “odd eyed,” but I think they should be called “uniquely beautiful!” My Daddy worked with me for months to show me that humans are good and inside is the best place for a kitty to live. I have lived in
Kansas (where I was born), Kansas City, Missouri, and now I live in O Hi O. Moving is no fun, but wherever the ‘rents go, so do I. I have 3 kitty sibs and a Doggie brother.

Introduce us to your family – four fur siblings and your ‘rents.
My ‘rents are very cool people. Daddy makes coffee for a living and Mommy helps people in a big hospital. When she’s not doing that she is a board member at our little humane society. Both of them are committed to helping animals find forever homes. They also like to spoil us rotten. My kitty sibs are all older than me. Puff and Powder are two calico gals who just celebrated their 15th birthday on April 1st. Rudy (the Orange Menace) is a big fluffy orange and white cat. He’s a big human lover; he just turned 13 on May 13th. Diamond Doggie is a pretty good woofie. He’s a good boy who turned 10 on May 1st. The ‘rents say we are a “geriatric crew” – whatever that means.

We admire your famous “Paw of Death.” Well, we kitties do. Our canine siblings aren’t happy about it because you used it to keep your woofie brother in line. How did this work? Did you have a special exercise to keep your paw well-toned and muscled?
The “Paw of Death” was developed to show Diamond Doggie that I was in control of my “personal space.” I have only had to use it on him a few times and that was long ago. We are good buddies now. For a woofie, he’s pretty cool. No exercise is needed for this maneuver, as it comes naturally to me. It’s a gift, I guess.

You started life in a “rough way” before landing in a wonderful home. Your mother volunteers at The Humane Society of Allen County. Is this where you first met her? If not, how did you meet?
Feral living was no fun. I did not meet Mommy until Daddy had tamed me enough to come up on his porch at the apartment he was staying at while he was working out of town. Once I was bonded with Daddy, he drove me back to Kansas City to join my siblings. I sang to him allllll the way there. He was thrilled with that as it was a seven hour drive. Back in Kansas City, Mommy started to teach me the importance of giving back to animals in the community. She volunteered at Wayside Waifs, Kansas City’s largest and greatest Humane Society.

Other bloggers, such as Skeezix, Miles & Sammy, and Jeter Harris inspired you to open a blog. What have you enjoyed most about blogging and what do you like the least about it?
There is no down side to blogging. I wish that I could do it more often. I am older now and unfortunately I have stupid, rotten cancer. So I nap a lot more and spend more time getting love from the ‘rents. Now that I am sick, the support that I get from all of my friends is priceless.

The legendary bloggers that you mention inspired me to tell my story. I am so glad that I did. It’s fun to look back and remember the great times I have had. But the greatest part of blogging has been meeting all of my friends in the blogosphere! Having good friends is the best part of all.

You have a few years of experience under your paws. Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share with a new blogger?

Be yourself when you blog. Don’t be afraid to say what’s in your heart. Reach out to other kitties and always be kind. Never miss a meal or a chance to receive love from your ‘rents and remember that smoochies make the world go round!

Thanks for the great advice, Parker. We can imagine how pleased your dad was when you sang the entire seven hour trip to your new home. Probably about as happy as Jan is when the phone rings and our woofie siblings howl over the answering machine message.

You can visit Parker for updates on her family and her health at her Perfectly Parker blog. And while you’re there, be sure to leave her some smoochie kisses.

Perfectly Parker

13 thoughts on “Perfectly Parker is Pawsitively Purrfect

  1. Oh, Parker, How wonderful it was to hear about you and read your blog! I’ve known your ‘rents for a long time, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen them. You ARE a VERY SPECIAL KITTY. LOVE, P

  2. Well Parker…You are a fortunate kitty to have found your furrrever home. One of my kitties – Barney who went OTRB years ago – also had a “Paw of Death” which he used just once (that’s all it took) on Mischa (one of our Siberian Huskies). Yours must be just as effective. You might like to meet Savannah who also blogs ( Have a great day!!

  3. Oh Parker, mom and I both love you and your siblings so much. I send you even more love and kisses. I think of you each day, precious girl.

  4. Hello Parker! Hello kitties of Jan’s Funny Farm! We love this interview and are so happy to meet Parker and now know of his amazing Paw of Death!! Yay! Take care

  5. Hi Parker ~ even tho we’ve known you and your wonderful family for many, many years ~ this terrific interview gave us a glimpse into your daily life, and we admit we “learned” a few new things about you!
    You always have been, always will be, the Number One Perfect Kitty …
    Whisker kisses from Maggy and Zoey, and their
    human, Ann.
    The Zoolatry Girls

    1. I always wuz a legend in my own mind, Parker, but to heer it coming frum you: I am verklempt!!! Many smoochies to you and yer ‘rents. I love you SOOO much!!!!


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