Pet Curfew Death Knell for Japan’s Cat Cafés?

Japan Cat Cafes may become extinct after curfew restrictions

Cat cafés in Japan may become a thing of the past after an animal protection curfew law goes into effect on June 1st.

Because of the tight housing regulations and small living spaces, cat cafés purrvide a way for cat lovers to get a little purr therapy and interact with their fuzzy friends. The pawpular spots draw much of their business after 8pm when cat lovers drop in for after-work relaxation, with most cafés staying open until 10pm or later.

Customers pay to have a spot of tea and relax with the cats. The cafés are so popular that sometimes customers are limited to how much time they can spend with the cats, similar to the way WiFi hogs’ connections are limited at coffee houses in the U.S.

But the curfew law could change all that.

Reuters repurrts that the new law will enforce an 8pm curfew on the “public display of cats and dogs. The loss of revenue will jeopardize owners’ ability to care for and feed the cats.

Cat café owner Hiromi Kawase is understandably upset, telling Reuters, “Everybody knows cats are really happy in the evening, with their big, cute eyes. So I just can’t understand why the people at the top are ignoring this. It’s really strange.”


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