Pimp Your Mancave with this Raw Sheep’s Wool Throw

felted wool cat mat rug

It’s grate if you have the mancat mancave of yer dreems — if you’ve been following me, I’m shur you pikt out yer faverite by now. But after you git it, you need to pimp it out, and this cat mat is just the ticket.

It’s kind of a complikayted process, so I’ll let the purrson who made this mat ixplane it:

This pet mat was made with wool fleece from a Shetland sheep using a wet felting process. The raw wool was worked directly into a rug. The colors run from dark brown to golden tips with accent of gray and white. Very pretty natural color range and oh, so very soft and plush.

This fleece rug would look great on the couch, foot of the bed, or where ever your pet enjoys lounging. It would also work nicely in the bottom of a basket. I like to take something from home when we visit the vet, and this rug lines a pet carrier perfectly.

Pet rugs made with raw fleeces have all been procured from American small farms. These are generally family run farms that have dedicated their lives to ancient traditions of nurturing and raising sheep and other farm animals as their life’s passion. Many are considered rare breeds that are making a comeback in the American culture. There is absolute raw beauty in these fleeces. Once you have touched and sensed these animal’s gift of fleece you will be forever changed.

And did I mention, cats love wool. I am beginning to believe it is instinctual.

So with this rug thing, you not only git the cuddly snuggles going on, but thare’s also the smell of sumthing made of meet that’s woven into thoze fibers that can drive you kinda wild.

If yer into that kind of thing, you can even take fotos of yerself nekkid on this rug and put them on the innernets so all the gerlcats out thare can see whut yer made of. This is a reely good pozin’ nekkid rug.

I am putting it on my Cristmiss wish list. You can buy one for me here.

But if Mao lives with you, you mite not wunt to buy one cuz he’ll rek it by peeing on it.

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  1. What a bootiful rug that would be to have. We don’t have a *Mao* with us, but it is garanteed that sumone wood puke on it. That is how we do it here 🙂

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