Pink CAT-illac Luxury Mancat Mancave

plush pink cadillac pet bed cat bed mancat mancave

If I’d a been Skeezix, I woulda wet my pants win I ferst saw this luxury pink CATillac Mancat Mancave.

Is thare a gerlcat alive hoo wouldn’t do ANYTHING for a chance to ride along with you in this baby? Ferst of all, it’s the best kind of car EVER! A CONVERTIBUL CATILLAC!!!! Convertibul tee-berds and FURRarris come close, but thare’s nuthin like a land yacht if you’ve got a harum. And did I menshun the TALE FINS!!!!!?????

And it alreddy has a vanity lisense plate that sez “SPOILED.” Really dope.

No need to thank me for coming up with the ferst thing to go on yer Krissmiss list. Yer welcome. Send Santa to Duke and Fritz to git it for you.

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