Pipo and Minko, Valentine Siameezers


We are delighted to introduce Pipo and Minko, two handsome Siamese from a blog with the intriguing  name, of ghost dating.  They are new to blogging but some of you might know them from Catster.  Pull up a cushion and be comfortable while you read their story.

Funny Farmer Felines: Please introduce yourselves and your family, humans and woofie.

Pipo:  We are WeBeesSiameezers. A pair of Siamese kitties. Double trouble that is!

Minko:  Our Meowmy is Ingrid and Pawppy is Greg.  We have 2 college grad unfurs.

Pipo: I am a seal point Meezer., born Dec 26th 2004. I am the larger of the two of us…purrhaps a tad too hefty!

Minko:  I am a blue point Meezer, born Dec 30th, 2004. I am the more naughty of us.  “Not Me” is my alter ego!

Pipo:  We live with a 12-year-old Jack Russell Terrier called Mr Jack Freckles aka Sir-Lick-a-Lot. He has his own blog, Barks From MrJackFreckles.    

Pipo & Minko_resized

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you all come to live together?

Minko:  When Meowmy and Pawppy’s Toki had to get his wings, their Suki was lonely, so they decided to get a couple more kittens. On Feb 14th, 2005, she answered an ad about Pipo. He was in a home that had several litters and his litter was ‘ready’.  Pipo came into meowmy’s lap, and, well, you all know how that would go!

Pipo:  On the same day, she checked out another ad at a horrible and disgusting den on the other side of the city. Minko was in a small carrier,with the door closed.  He had a tin of open food, and a tin from the same food filled with water, but it had spilled.  Minko was a bedraggled, sad-looking kitty with a pitiful existence, it seemed. Meowmy just grabbed a towel from her van, popped Minko into it, and put him in a sturdy box she had  and took him right out of there. Unfortunately, she couldn’t take the mama cat or the pappa cat with her.  She almost told the authorities about this place, and on hindsight she should have. She did watch to see if the same woman would try to ‘sell’ another kitty, and, thankfully, she didn’t. The vet thought Minko would be unhealthy, but he thrived in his new den and now you would nevfur know he had a bad start.

Minko:  So we are Valentine kitties! When we came into our new den, we hissed at dog-guy (Mr. Jack Freckles) to  show him who was boss!

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you two get your names? Do you have any nicknames?

Pipo:  I am named after a kitty that meowmy’s aunt had many years ago.  She thought it was a good name, and unusual as well.  My name is pronounced Peepo.

Minko:  I smelled stinky when I arrived, so I almost got called stinky .  I was slinky, too, but sheesh, you can’t call a kitty slinky. So after some thought, I became Minko.

Pipo:  My nicknames include Pipo-Beepo, and Mr Peeps.

Minko:  And I’m Stinky-Minky and Little Snot.  ‘Cause I can be a naughty rascal!

Pipo:  WeBeesSiameezers was coined from that Musical where there is a pair of rascally meezers and they have a song called ‘We Be Siamese If You Please’. They are on the background of our blog.

Funny Farmer Felines: Your blog celebrates Canadian and U.S. holidays, as your mom was born in Canada. Tell us a little about the area where you live.

Minko:  We live just north of Battle Creek, Michigan.  “Cereal City, USA”. The home of Tony the Tiger (A furry furmouse kitty!), Snap,Crackle and Pop, Corn Flakes, and so on. Its where Kelloggs has its headquarters.  There used to be many different kinds of cereal factories here, including CW Post.

Pipo:  Battle Creek is also a furmouse stop on the Underground Railroad, used by slaves seeking their freedom.   It’s known for the Seventh Day Adventists, too, and there is a little village set in bygone times. We have a nice little Zoo here, and some large golf courses.

Minko:  We are on the Battle Creek River and the Kalamazoo River. Each year we have an International Balloon Festival (hot air balloons) and an air show. This year the Thunderbirds came.  We have had the Blue Angels and the Canadian Snowbirds as well. One of the balloons that competes, is called Alley Cat, it has cats printed all over it.

Pipo:  Our den is about 8 miles north of the city in a rural village. There seems to always be things for us to watch outside…birds, critters and chickens, geese and ducks, other kitties sometimes and doggies too. I like to chatter away at them all. There used to be horses and goats.

Funny Farmer Felines: Minko, you were feeling poorly earlier in July. We assume since Pipo was eating for the both of you, you lost weight and Pipo gained? How are you both feeling now?

Pipo:  Minko seems to have completey recovered. Hooray! We all were so worried about him.

Minko:  Pipo sure did get more portly …sigh…he needs more exercise! We both get our teeth regularly brushed.  I put up with it, but Pipo growls at meowmy.  We both are good at hiding when we think she is going to  do that to us.

Funny Farmer Felines: Your mom helps you make pictures for special occasions. She also made the backgrounds for your blog and Mr.JackFreckles’ and you’ve posted a number of graphics from your Catster page. Is your mom a graphic artist or are you “slave drivers” after she finishes her day hunting job?

Pipo:  Meowmy makes pics mostly for other furs, as gifts. And fur us when the need arises. We did them mainly fur Catster when it was in its prime, and we can make them fur bloggers if they want one. All that is needed is a good image to work with.

Minko:  Meowmy is NOT an artist.  We have enslaved her to this chore! If meowmy looks at the pics she started with, she laughs at them.  She has learned a lot by doing them. It is time consuming and sometimes meowmy wants to stop, but she knows a lot of kitties and doggies would be sad.   She did have to stop once when she had issues in her paws…oops…hands due to arthritis. Getting older has its foibles, she says.

Funny Farmer Felines: What kind of mischief do you like to get into, besides chewing on electronics, such as a usb cord and a charger?

Pipo:  Unfur bro and pawppy say, sheesh, lets not go there,  Minko/“Not Me” was the purr-pet-trator of that naughtiness.  He likes to try and get outside through the doggy doors we have here for MJF. Its probably how he got sick; we think he had Lyme Disease. He likes to dig around in the clean laundry and make himself a nest so clean underwear mostly has furs all over them.  It has to have the Minko seal of ap-paw-roval! Minko likes to counter surf and he jumps on the table sometimes when the peeps are having a meal. He once gave meowmy a head bonk when she had a coffee in her hand…and…well what a mess that was!  Minko has been caught in the act of excavating a shelf when he was trying to find the stash of catnip, and he has pawed in the drawer to snag a mousie that he knew was in there though no one had gifted him with it yet. Minko loves to get in front of meowmy when she is on the confuser as she calls it…sometimes its a wonder the typing works.

Minko:  Pipo chews on plastic shrink wrap and other plastic items if he can get to them. He likes to remove the pillow on the back of the couch and lie there, even though there are plenty of other kitty nests around. Heavy kitty on the couch back equals scrunched down couch back. Meowmy had to get new furniture recently and of course that was the first thing he checked out! Pipo abhors the dog-guy, smacky paws him at any chance, even if dog-guy isn’t paying him any attention. Pipo loves his pawppy, and leads him all over the den, and miaows loudly all the way. It’s like he really wants to be the boss of pawppy, He will wait on a kitty condo at the bottom of the stairs, and demand a belly rub from all passers by, especially pawppy. He demands with chirps and ‘mrouws’ and peeps.

Funny Farmer Felines: You’ve been blogging since early 2014, so you’re fairly new. What prompted you to start a blog?

Pipo:  We started blogging due to the fact we were becoming Catster Refugees. Well, that didn’t happen, though that site is currently in a state of so called fleas and cookie monsters…whatever. So we continue with blogging because we think its fun and an interesting way to keep in touch with our furends. Though we do not post a whole lot or frequently, we do try and blog when we have interesting things to report. Our meowmy works and has lots to do, so we only get to do blogs when there is ‘leftover’ time.

Funny Farmer Felines: Now that you have a few months of blogging under your belt … er, under your paws, we wonder how you would compare blogging to Catster. Do you find blogging as interesting, as fun, and as friendly as Catster was when it was open?

Minko:  Blogging is fun and we plan to stay with doing it. Its fun to get comments by other furs.  It’s like having a conversation with furends. Catster was (is) a world unlike any other; its hard to compare.  We do miss the way it used to be.  Blogging is furry friendly, at least as we have experienced it so far. We still have oodles and oodles to learn about doing things in the world of blogging, but we have gained a lot of helpful info from some of our fellow bloggers.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special plans for the future of your blog?

Pipo:  At this point we are simply using our blog as an ongoing diary, a documentation of day to day doings in our kitty world. We just wish meowmy would be as active with our blog as she is with MJF’s…sigh.  Oh well.we shall just have to dream up some good monkey business to get a another blog posted, MOL!

Minko:  Thanks so much  for this interview op-purr-tuna-ty.  Miaow.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Thank you for introducing yourselves on Mousebreath.  It’s been fun to make new friends.

You can get to know more about Pipo and Minko on their blog, ghost dating.

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  1. Great interview as always. I love Siamese cats even though I haven’t had the pleasure of owning ( or being owned) by one yet. I am glad Pipo and Minko got a great home.

  2. Thanks so much fur letting us mew and miaow here with you and all of your furends.
    We posted a small blog entry over on our blog page to acknowledge this ovfur there.

    MOL, Tabbies! Thanks to you fur refurring us, by the way.

    Well, as we mewed ovfur in our bloggie, we gotta scram…the peeps want to take out their flashybox, its their 27th wedding anniversary, and somehow they think we need to be in pics…um…shouldn’t it just be them? MIAOW!!

  3. Thanks for introducing us to some kitties we didn’t know. We are going to pop over to their blog now. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. DOODZ !!!!!! total lee rockin interviews N ya wanna noe sum thin…az long as we haz known ewe & dawg dood…

    pipo…..we never new yur name bee pronounced peepo….we all ways thinked it bee… PIP oh… grate ta see ya heer; ruffz ta dawg dood; stop watchin BURDS… N heerz two a raccoon butterflyfish kinda week oh end… ♥

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