Kittehs: R U Bored? Cat Boredom (CB) IS Treatable!

Cat Humor: Cat Boredom (CB) IS treatable, as you can see in this PSA (for cats only)

Let’s face it. Most of you kittehs only reed Mousebreath cuz yer bord and thare’s only so much nappin’ you can do during the day. If you think yer afflikted with CB (Cat Boredom), help is on the way… of korse, YOO have to take that ferst step. In this PSA, lern the simtums of CB and find out how yoo can brake the vishus sycle:

In a reeder? Click heer to watch this impurrtant PSA. Yoo’ll be glad yoo did!

It took me a long time to come publik with my own battle against the CB demons becuz of the stigma assoseeyated with it. But I’m heer to tell you, kittehs: YOU CAN DO IT!!! Make CB a thing of the past!

And, if yoo wunt the inkeridgement and support of fellow CB sufferers, check out the CB Facebook Page.

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