Rear Gear Butt Covers Say Goodbye to Mr Brown Eye

Rear gear butt covers for dogs and cats - hazardous waste design

If like me, yer a victim of DINGLEBERRIES, you mite want to check out this new product: REAR GEAR BUTT COVERS FOR CATS AND DOGS. Yes, you can say goodbye to Mr Brown Eye with these little hangy downy things that cover up yer SPOT 13 And yer SPOT 14 too if yer a Mancat.

I am such a BIG MANCAT that I can’t get all the way BACK THARE by my POO-LAUNCHER to lik it good and I’ve herd thare are dredloks bak thare so I’m thinking that these are a MUCH BETTER SOLOOSHUN than gitting a boyzilian.

say goodbye to mr brown eye with rear gear butt covers for cats and dogs

They come in LOTS OF COLORFUL DEEZINES like smiley faces, fuzzy dice, cupcakes, a disco ball and a BLOO RIBBIN TO PROOVE TO ALL THE STOOPID CATS YOO KNOW THAT YOO ARE THE BEST CAT IN THE HOUSE!!!

On thare website they say that this is a novelty product that’s not intended for evryday use wich I don’t understand cuz my butt has dingleberries on it EVRY SINGLE DAY they don’t just majikly go away hey that rimes!!!

dating a girl with a baby

They don’t have instrukshuns on whut to do win yoo hit the litter box wether yer suppost to take it off or not I gess yoo shood.

And if yoo are doin’ yer daily pee-on-stuff rooteen, yoo shood probly do that commando otherwize the butt cover will reflekt it back down all over yer legs and beefore you know it sumwum will think yer a feral cat and they’ll haul yoo off to the sausage factory.

But still, I reely wunt to git one. Maybe the FUZZY DICE.

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8 thoughts on “Rear Gear Butt Covers Say Goodbye to Mr Brown Eye

  1. You notice they don’t picture these on the kittehs, right? Only dogs would wear these 🙂 They will do anything for attention. Can you imagine if you have to pass a little gas and then having that thing slapping you in the hind end everytime. Dingleberries or not, the Shadow Dance Ranch kittehs are *paws down* on these. Also, we need our *third eye* to see who is sneeking up on us and besides, our momma needs to take care of db’s, if we get any! That is just the momma-ly-thing to do.

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