Royal Mail Puts the Hammer Down on Post-Pilfering Pussycat


We all get excited waiting for the postman to arrive each day. My ears are tuned to the sound of his engine turning off and on as he makes his way up the street. Bella is no exception

Over in the U.K., the Royal Mail suspended deliveries to her household because Bella so aggressively snatched mail as it was dropped through the slot. Action videos have made her a sensation worldwide.

Officials have dubbed four-year-old Bella a ‘hazard’ and because of the level of threat, the postie won’t push anymore letters through the door unless she is restrained. The Royal Mail claims she’s putting their workers at risk and must be restrained.

“I don’t know when it started to be honest the first thing I really saw of it was when I came home to blood on my letter box and down the door and I didn’t have a clue what it was because she’d never done it before.

“The postman caught me the next day, I thought he’d maybe got a paper cut, but when he caught me he said to me, ‘your cat went for me the other day, you’ve got my blood on your postbox’.

“I apologise and since then I’ve watched it, and I’ve realised she does actually go for it.”


So, they’ve put a box outside for deliveries:


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