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We are honored to have the Meezers and their ginger brother Billy with us today. We made French toast as a special treat for Miles but our Jan thought it was for her and ate it. We hid their ham sandwiches before she polished those off too.

FunnyFarmerFelines: Hi, guys, would you like to introduce yourselves and also your family – the momladyperson and the Footon Dude, otherwise known as dadmanladyperson? Okay, we know you guys really need no introduction but there might be some new readers who haven’t met you all yet.

Hi Funny Farmers!! We are Sammy, Miles and Nicholas Meezer, and Billy SweetFeets, otherwise known as The Meezers.  We live with The Mom (or as Billy calls her The MomLadyPerson).  Our The Mom and The Dad (or DadManLadyPerson or Miles’ Foo-Ton Dood) have been married for a squillion years, but he now lives in Orlando Florida for werk.  We live in a little town called Fairport in Noo York. 

FFF: This question is for each of you.  What is your full name? Miles, you were originally named Whitey but your dad changed it. Sammy & Miles, you were both named for characters in the Maltese Falcon. But, Sammy, we read your name is either Sammy or Wilson.??? We can’t remember where Billy and Nicky’s names originated. Would you each tell us how / why you were all so named?

Sammy: Mine full name is Samuel Alfonse Meezer (SAM).  I was found in the garden by Grampa Norton, who is at the Bridge now, and the mom tried to find mine real home, but no one in the nayborhood claimed me, so I stayed here.  Mine dad named me Sam. 

Miles:  Mine name is Miles Phillipee Meezer.  Mine original name where I was borned was Whitey (acause Meezers is all white when we is borned).  When mine the mom gotted me she asked the Foo-ton Dood what she should name me and he came up with Miles.  Sam and Miles were indeed characters in the Humphrey Bogart Moovie The Maltese Falcon.  The Foo-ton Dood is sometimes obscure and weerd.  But I likes mine name and I always come running when someone calls me.

Billy:  HI!! ME is BILLY SWEETFEETS NORTON GINGERSNAP.  When the momladyperson finded me I was a little kitten and I was a MESS.  ME hadded scabs and a hyooje puss thing on mine chin and fleas and mine furs were a mess.  She was being funny (or maybe a little rood) when she named me Bill.  After Bill The Cat from Bloom County.  But ME is much cuter now.  SweetFeets – Auntie Deb from the Taylor Catsssss gived me that nickname ‘acause the momladyperson said mine feets were always wet and she didn’t know why.  Norton is after Grampa Norton.  Gingersnap ‘acause I can’t have the last name Meezer ‘acause I’m not a Meezer, I’m a GINGER!!!

Nicholas:  Hi!  My name is Nicholas Fuzzypants Meezer.  I was named Nicholas because mommy gotted me on December 23 and I ended up being a chrissymouse present, so I was named after St Nicholas (aka Santa Claus).  Fuzzypants because when I was a babycat mine fur was very, very fuzzy and mommy thought I was wearing fuzzypants.  Mine furs are not as fuzzy now but the name stuck. 

FFF: And what are your nicknames?  We know you have some. Billy, you once responded to a tag by saying if you could change Miles and Sammy’s names, you’d rename them Boring and Cranky.  Miles, you call Sammy names like Psy-ko-lojikally Disturbed or Cottage Cheese Brain.  Sammy, you call your brother Scrambled Egg Brains or Thunder Thighs, among other nicknames. You all call young Nicky Spazz (He can’t help being tilty.) and Billy the Orange Menace. We are overwhelmed by the amount of joking, teasing and love (cough, cough) you guys display for one another.  How do you guys survive together?

Sammy: The mom calls me Squishy because I’m really soft and mine belly is squishy. But I am The Whapinator most times.  I love to whap stuff at the mom’s head from the night stand when she is sleeping.  I am training Nicky in this.  Miles calls me all sorts of names like Syko Sam and stuff like that ‘acause I have a interest in ghosts and aliens.   I call Miles Éclair Hips, Ho-Ho Hips, Twinkie Thighs, Mashed Potato Butt and other things because, well, he’s FAT.  Billy is the Orinch Meniss ‘cause he’s a Sooper Hero and all sooper hero’s need names.  Oh and he’s a MENISS TO SOCIETY.  Nicky is SPAZZ because he’s always running around in circles and hollering.  I know he can’t help being tilty but that has nothing to do with his being a SPAZZ.  We do love each other, once in a while.  Well, Billy and Nicky are very close – Billy is Nicky’s mom cat substitute.  Miles is a very caring cat. When Gramma Trixie went blind before she went to the Bridge, Miles would guide her through the house to make sure she didn’t get hurt.  I loved Grampa Norton more than anycat in the werld.  He was very kind to me after he finded me in the garden. 

Miles:  The mom calls me POOSIE.  I think it’s a stoopid name, but I run to her when she calls me that too.  You know, just in case she has foods for me.  She calls me Poosie more than she calls me my right name.  Oh, and I AM NOT FAT.  I’m muscular.  And I do not have girly hips. 

Billy – ME IS THE ORINCH MENISS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicky – Fuzzypants, Fuzzyshorts, kind-of-sort-of-Fuzzypants.  ::SIGH:: I don’t know why I has to wear them.  MOL. 

FFF: Sammy, we just have to ask this. Some of your favorite nicknames have been – Whappy Whapinator, the Wapmeister, the Whapinator. At one time you answered whapping questions on – what else! – Whapping Wednesday.. One of the charges leveled against ex-Presidential candidate Chey at one time was associating with Sammy the Whappinator of the Catstra Nostra. That would be you, we assume?

Sammy: I know nothing of this Catstra Nostra of which you speak.  I do have a friend named Tony Soprano but it’s merely coincidence. I will admit to having been employed by someone to be a bodyguard for Chey during her Presidential campaign.  Doesn’t every candidate need Secret Service protection? I was just serving mine country.  Don’t all secret Service agents remove the threats to the candidates? I got some guidance from mine friend Tony on how to do this. 

I loved Whapping Wednesday.  But Whiney Cheesecake Butt Miles wanted to whine on Wednesday.  I should whap something at his head. 

FFF: Sammy, you do the alien report, often called the “Crackpot Alien Report by our resident whack job.”  by Miles.  You believe there are ghosts in the basement and they meow at you. Do you have any idea why they singled you out to reveal themselves?

Sammy: I believe I am sensitive to the paranormal.  I talk to The One Who Came Before (Ralph) in the dungeon.  I got lost and ended up in the garden after he went to the Bridge, and I believe that he sent me to Grampa Norton and the mom ‘acause they needed me.  And aliens, well, they just fascinate me.  They are just so weerd. 

FFF: Miles you do the Meezer Monday Miles Report on food and misc.  A while back your brothers boxed you up and shipped you down the cellar steps so you’d think you were in Colorado. If we remember correctly, they did ship you off a time or two so you couldn’t do your Monday report. Did you do something to offend them?

Miles:  Sometimes I just think mine being alive offends them.  They are horrible to me.  They are always trying to trick me and they want to send me away.  Maybe it’s ‘acause I’m the mom’s favorite.  She told me I was her favorite.  ( She told me I was her favorite meezer mancat with light blue eyes so that’s the same thing, right?)  I just think they are jealous ‘acause the mom and I make out at bed time.  (Ok, I’m a little aggressive sometimes when I’m in a lovey mood and I lick the mom’s face all over and demand kissies from her).  The mom says they are jealous so I believe her. 

FFF: Billy, you have your own blog Dancing with Billy. You are a successful bachelor DJ and yet you keep running out the door and down the street with a crying, barefoot the Mom Lady Person racing after you in the rain or snow. Our woofie siblings want us to ask you if you’ve ever considered putting the Mom Lady on a leash and walking her down the road instead?

Billy: Well the momladyperson has put me on a leash but ME just rolls around and don’t walk.  ME doesn’t run out of the house to make the momladyperson cry and run after me in bare feets in the snow.  That’s just an extra added benefit.  ME just wants to go out and bisit all of mine woofie furriends.  ME LOVES WOOFIES and PEOPLE and EFURRYONE.  And ME is very social.

FFF: Nicky, you do Nicky Tuesdays, but you’re the youngest and we don’t know you as well as your brothers. You’re more than a “tilty” Meezer, so why don’t you tell us about how special you are.

NICHOLAS:  Well thank you for thinking I am special.  I have a vestibular prollem from prolly getting kicked in the head by a horse when I was about 6 weeks old or so.  I escaped from mine house and gotted into the barn. I could not go back in the house in case I got a virus and spread it to mine littermates.  The lady I lived with then was a breeder and when we finded out that mine prollem would not go away, she let mine new mommy keep me.  Mine mommy says that I am the most lovingest of the meezers here.  And the most talkative.  And the most spazziest.  And I’m her favorite.  She told me I was her favorite blue point meezer so that means I’m her favorite.  Because the others are seal points. 

FFF:   Does your mom help you participate in many activities among the blogs, such as Talk Like A Pirate Day, Box Day, or housetrashing parties? 

Nicky: We try and participate in all the activities we can, and we host some, like the Hams of the Werld Tour and this year’s Great Chick-hen Caper.  We talk like a pirate and we often have our own house trashing parties – at least one a month. 

FFF: You have hosted a few road tours. In fact, you’ve just returned from the most recent, the Chick-hen Caper. Who thinks up these tours and plans them? And why in the world do you always let Sammy the Speedster drive? This time you allowed him to fly a plane without a pilot license with a chick-hen as co-pilot. You must pay a fortune in insurance premiums!

Miles: Our the mom thinks up these things, mainly ‘acause we is NOT ALLOWED OUT ! (Billy!)

Billy: And we would like to travel places.  She plans them out and we give her suggestions.  (Or we just lay on her lap while she does all the werk).  We let Sammy drive because he won’t stop whining if we don’t.  And he’s the oldest, so according to him he can do whatever he wants. 

SAMMY: And I’m the mom’s favorite – she told me.  She said I was her favorite boy with the sapphire blue eyes and squishy belly, so that means I’m her favorite. 

FFF: Are you planning any blogging changes or adventures you’d like to share with readers?

Miles: We don’t have any plans for changes right now.  We are trying to blog as much as we can – but some weeks we can’t do 5 days because the mom commutes 86 miles each way to werk and she gets tired.  Which is a poor excuse. 

FFF: What do you consider the best and the worst parts of blogging?

Sammy: We like the community that the cat blogosphere has become, most of the time so caring and helpful.  But every once in a while things blow up and get a little contentious and we do not like that at all, and we usually retreat from the blogosphere for a few days until things blow over.  But the mom says that happens in every family and the Cat Blogosphere is a family. 

FFF:Miles and Sammy, you guys have been blogging since January 2006, but Billy and Nicky, you also have some experience under your paws. What advice would you share with new bloggers?

Miles: The best advice we can give anyone who wants to start a pet blog is to find a voice.  The mom tries to portray each of our separate personalities in our posts.  Sammy is generally laid back and sweet, but sometimes he’s cranky with me.  He is afraid of the outside and of people and most dogs (except Billy’s friend Maxx).  He will hide under the bed every time the door bell rings.  He thinks he’s the alpha cat here, but I am.

SAMMY: Miles is a little lover but he’s the one that the rest of us pick on (well, he asks for it too – he starts all the wrestling matches but then screams like a girl in a horror movie when they do) (Miles:  SAMMY THAT’S NOT NICE!!!).  He thinks he’s the alpha cat here, but we all know that I am the oldest so I am.

NICKY: Billy is the most social and happiest cat that has ever been.  He truly loves everyone (and he’s more affectionate with everyone more than he is with mommy). MOL.  And he really does love every dog he meets.  Which scares the crud out of mommy because she don’t know if they will love him as much – but surprisingly they all have so far. Which is why mommy has to chase him when he runs out the door because he will make a bee line for any dog that is out.  Billy thinks he’s the alpha cat here, but I know that I am.  Mommy says mine name the most. 

BILLY: Nicky is also a little lovebug.  He is very sweet and cuddly and ME loves to cuddle him, but he has a wild streak and lots and lots of energy.  It breaks the momladyperson’s heart that he has such a severe tilty problem, but he has dealt with it very well and it does not slow him down at all.  He THINKS he is the most well-behaved of all of us, but really SAMMY is.  And he thinks he’s the alpha cat, but ME IS ALPHA CAT!!! ME IS THE BESTEST CAT EFUR. GINGERCATS ROOL!!!!

Sammy:  Well that’s about it.  We would like to thank all of you Funny Farmers for this opportunity.  We have had a lot of fun answering all the questions! 

Billy:  DR BUDDY!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Hey everyone, Dr Buddy is the BESTEST Dr in the whole werld! If you haf a prollem call him ferst!!!! 

**Dr. Buddy (the Funny Faarmer Felines’ woofie brother) waves back from the kitchen window: Hey, Billy, how’s my favorite patient?**

Miles:  Thank you everyone! Um, was there going to be a buffet? OOOO, what’s in the box over there?? Is that HAM I smell?

Nicky:  Thank you all! This was fun!!  Yes Miles, there’s Ham in that box, why don’t you go check it out?? (hee hee hee)

Percy: Cameron, I warned you to keep the box with the food away from the steps. Rusty, make sure they don’t …. Uh-oh, too late. They’ve “shipped” Miles down the back steps.

Be sure to visit Sammy, Miles (we hope he’s still in one piece), Nicky and Billy at the Meezer Tails blog.

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  1. LOL!! Me and Charlie think Mr Billy is adorable! LOL!! What a free fun spirit! LOL!! Awwww lovely to meet you all gorgeous Sammy, Miles and Nicholas!! We love how you are all so gainfully employed hosting and reporting on lots of stuff!! Yay!! LOL! take care

  2. Wowwie Zowwie! Me visits the meezers when me can. Me shall tried too more often! Sammy reminds me of a old boyfriend (who also said he was not in the catstra nostra)

  3. We loved your interview and learning how you all came to live with your Mom Meezer. They always make us laugh when we visit their blog.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Great interview! We remember dear Grandpa Norton & Gramma Trixie. Gramma Trixie was elegant and had a lot of class and dignity even when she losted her eyesight.
    We remember when the Mom Lady found Billy (Or did Billy find her…?) Billy cleaned up real good!
    Great job Funny Farmers! We look forward to more interviews!

  5. Wow, what a terrific interview. Loved hearing all about all of you and love your nick names. That was fun. Have a great evening.

  6. Sammy, I love that name “Wapinator”. I have my wapinating moments too, usually when mum or dad are playing with me.

    Love the interview, anyway and nice to hear from you all.

  7. Oh, what a terrific interview! Well done. FFF, and well done, Billy and the Meezers! We didn’t know all that stuff about you, so thanks for sharing. Hugs to you and your mom and dad!

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