Say Farewell to the Grand Dame of Cat Blogging: Sparkle

Within the cat blogging community, not a single person, feline or cat lover’s significant other has not heard of Sparkle. With her imperious manner, dry wit and Somalian good looks, no one could forget her. She touched everyone in cat blogging. Her mom, Janiss, brought her up to learn the fine art of writing, seasoned with a sweet pinch of snark. Late at night and into the wee hours, Sparkle would visit the cat blogs, and oh how we loved what she had to say.

Her death at oh-too-young an age hit us all hard — especially those of us who have been through the same with our own cats.

On Friday, you can attend a memorial service for Sparkle. Here’s the 411:


Please take the time to at least drop by and say good-bye to the end of an era.

5 thoughts on “Say Farewell to the Grand Dame of Cat Blogging: Sparkle

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the invite to Sparkle’s memorial service. My human felt it was the best way to bring closure to an awesome kitty life well lived.

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