Selfie Sunday Warnings

We get it, kittehs. You love ‘gramming your Sunday selfies. But it could come at a cost.

There have been no formal investigations into the number of cats who prematurely win rides to The Rainbow Bridge, but if it’s anything like the number of idiot hyoomans who experience selfie-cide, it’s high time you reëvaluate your selfie-taking routine.

Maybe you fancy yourself a daredevil and want to show off your heuvos by taking a selfie with vishus deer or hungry Rottweilers behind you. Sure, they’re not eating you right now, but once your back is turned….. well, let’s not go there.

So, play it safe and instead, focus on safe backgrounds you stand a chance of surviving.  Most importantly–and this is purely aesthetic–don’t let your hyooman photobomb your selfie.

Taking selfies with feline friends is purrfectly alright, though!

2 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday Warnings

  1. Wow, I never thought selfies could be so risky! Just as well I have a stunt double to do mine in the form of Mrs H!
    Love those pictures/selfies. That cool cat sure does get around!

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