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Today we are featuring the blogging “Carter Clowder” from the blog Selina is the only blogging kitty in the group; however, she does feature her sibs Morticia, Peppers, Sasha, Boudicca and Oliver.  And Man Ray (previously known as “Ray Charles”) and Rachel recently graduated from fosters to family.

Funny Farmer Felines: Would you and your siblings introduce yourselves and your mom to everyone?

Selina:  I’m Selina, author of the blog “One Eye on the Future.”  My Mom&DadKatt are Laura and Gary Carter.  We live in Reidsville, NC.

Morticia:  I’m Morticia, named for Morticia Addams.

Peppers:  Greetings!  I am Peppers, the man of the house!

Oliver:  My name’s Oliver, and I’m the resident “Porch Panther.”

Sasha:  I’m Sasha, and I’m a Blue Point Siamese mix.

Boudicca:  I’m Boudicca, the Basement Cat … ‘cuz I live in the basement.  Duh …

Man Ray:  I used to be Ray Charles but now I’m Man Ray because I see better than they thought, so my name got changed.

Rachel:  I’m Rachel and I’m a PRINCESS!

Selina & Sibs_rszd

Funny Farmer Felines: What nicknames does your mom have for you?

Selina:  Mostly, I’m Cute Little One-Eyed Thang or Selina Monster.

Morticia:  I’m called ‘Ticia Girl, ‘Ticia, Leibschen and Baby Girl.

Peppers:  Mr. P, P-Man, P-Peppers.

Oliver:  She calls me “Ollies-Fur.”  Get it?

Sasha:  I’m “Sasha-Kitten” but I’m ten, I’m not a kitten.

Boudicca:  I’m called Miss B.

Man Ray:  Ray-Ray mostly.  Or just Ray.

Rachel:  Princess!

Selina:  I’ve got a few names for you, Rachel ….. *cough cough*

Funny Farmer Felines:  Selina, many of our readers already know why you began blogging, but we’d like you to explain the purpose for those readers who might not know.

Selina/Faith_rszd Selina:  MomKatt first learned about me on blog.  I was being called “Faith” at that time, but MomKatt named me “Selina” after Selina Kyle, whose secret identity in the “Batman” comics is Catwoman.

She took one look at my photo and vowed I was going to be hers. She persuaded DadKatt and then picked me up in Charlotte, North Carolina on his birthday, April 9.

After I was adopted, MomKatt and I realized that folks who followed my story still wanted to know what happened to me.  So after I settled in, we started this blog.

Funny Farmer Felines: We love the name of your blog: One Eye on the Future.  Having one eye hasn’t slowed you down, has it?  You keep busy.

Selina:  Oh yes!  I’m always busy snoopervising or playing.  Having one eye has never slowed me down.  I’m proof that any kitty can have a normal, happy life even if they are considered “special needs.”

Funny Farmer Felines:  How did the other kitties all come to live there?  They were there before you, we believe?

Selina:  Yes they were all here before me, except for Ray and Rachel.  ‘Ticia, why don’t you start?

Morticia:  OK.  I wandered into the pawrents’ driveway in 2005, the day before they went on vacation.  MomKatt gave me a snack and spent the morning with me, then told the cat sitter to feed me so I’d be there when they returned.  And I was!

Peppers:  I was adopted from PetSmart.  When we met, the pawrents weren’t looking to adopt another kitty but I made an impression on them.  I’m a Maine Coon size kitty and I was in their biggest holding cage and not happy about it.  A week later, my sister, Torrie, died unexpectedly.  MomKatt remembered me, so they visited me again.  Next thing I knew, I was in a BIG crate and on my way home!

Oliver:  I’m a feral stray that found MomKatt several years ago.  I visit morning and night daily for food and lovins.  She taught me that being petted was a good thing.

Sasha:  As a kitten, I was surrendered to a local shelter with a nasty herpes virus in my right eye.  MomKatt evaluated me for the Siamese rescue adoption program, but DadKatt fell in love with me and wanted to adopt me.  So after my eye healed, I came to live with them.

Boudicca:  I appeared on their front porch on a snowy morning.  I wore a collar and was friendly, so they figured I belonged to someone.  DadKatt let me into his basement man-cave because he didn’t want me to be cold.  They tried finding my owners but those people had not registered my microchip, so they kept me.  I live in the man cave because Selina and I don’t get along.

Man Ray:  MomKatt fostered us this summer and fell in love with us, but DadKatt said we couldn’t stay because they already had five cats.

Rachel:  Humph.  MomKatt was a pushover and I worked DadKatt like a BOSS!   WE knew we’d found our home – we just had to convince him, too!  We were officially adopted about two weeks ago.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Rachel and Man Ray.  How do you feel about them – friend or foe?

Selina:  Ah, they’re ok, I guess.  Rachel’s just gotta learn she can’t sleep in Pink Bed.  Or steal my gooshy food.

Funny Farmer Felines: Every kitty likes to get into mischief.. What kind of mischief do you get into?  Separately or together?

Selina:  I’m into counter surfing, chasing Morticia and chewing on MomKatt.

Morticia:  I love mylar teasers and our Turbo Scratcher.

Peppers:  The Turbo Scratcher, drinking from the faucet and napping.  I hang with DadKatt on the bathroom sink when he’s shaving.  It’s “man bonding.” I want him to teach me to shave but he won’t.

Sasha: I love playing with teasers and pipe cleaners all twisted together into pig’s tails!

Ray & Rachel:  We play a lot with each other  We love doing everything.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you belong to any clubs or groups? And does your mom help you participate in any of the blogging events, such as Talk like a pirate day, LiveStrong, Box Day, etc?

Selina:  We’re all on  Morticia manages their page for the group “Black Cats Crossing our Paths.”  MomKatt stays so busy that it’s been hard lately to just get her to help me write a normal blog entry, let alone do anything special.  We hope to start getting involved with more blogging events in the future.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any special plans for the future of your blog?

Selina:  Not really.  Of course, I’ll feature Ray and Rachel from time to time ‘cause lost of folks following their story are still interested in their activities.

Funny Farmer Felines: What do you like and dislike about blogging?

Selina:  Sometimes I can’t be here every day ‘cause of MomKatt’s crazy schedule.  I don’t want my fans to stop visiting me.  We really enjoy reading the replies we get to my entries.

Plus, we’re really impressed by how blogging helps so many kitties like me find their forever homes.

Funny Farmer Felines: What advice would you give to anyone just starting a blog?

Selina:  Just jump in!  It’s a great way to meet other kitties and people from all over the world.  Don’t be intimidated – just HAVE FUN with it!

Funny Farmer Felines: It’s been a delight watching “Ray and Rachel Charles,” as they were originally known, go from visitors to family.  We are looking forward to future posts of their welfare.  We noticed Selina has resumed her place as sole blogger, but we have the feeling there will be many future posts on and by the other kitties.

You can find the entire Carter Clowder blogging and napping at

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  1. Selina, I have been your fan since you first started. I remember Brian featuring you too. Mt mommy also fell in love with you. But too, to be honest, she falls in love with them all. xoxox Boudicca, I wish you would make up your mind to come out of your self imposed exile. Kisses to you and every buddy…

  2. We enjoyed your interview and it was great to find out about all your siblings Selina. We were so excited when Man-Ray and Rachel got to stay with you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Thanks for this interview. We are so pleased that Rachel and Man-Ray have made their foster home their forever home. Our mom really wanted to adopt these kitties, but our dad wouldn’t let her. We guess he knew best, as we think they are where they’re supposed to be. We are glad we’ll be able to continue to follow them. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Lisbeth, Astrid and Calista Jo

  4. another grate interviews FFF…we loves this…we haz known selina N crew for 80 bazillion yeerz ….we loves ewe guys and iz WAY happee R & R iz chillaxin at yur place now…ewe rock dad katt !! enjoy de week oh end !!

  5. That was such a great interview and from the moment we first saw Selina we knew she was destined for great things! Man Ray and Rachael, we are so proud of you both!

  6. This was so pawsome to do, guys. Thank you for featuring us & we hope everyone enjoys our interview!

    Selina & the Carter Clowder

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