Send a Postcard, Feed Cats & Win a Phone Call with Jackson Galaxy!

Pet Postcard Project - win a phone call with Jackson Galaxy

The Pet Postcard Project is one of the most fun and creative projects of the year, and this year participants will not only be helping to feed and treat shelter cats for fleas, they’ll also be in the running to win an autographed copy of Jackson Galaxy’s new book, Cat Daddy AND a phone call with the Cat Daddy himself! (Chey, you’ve got a second chance!) Your efforts will benefit the Stray Cat Alliance, one of Jackson Galaxy’s fave shelters.

Sponsors include and Halo Purely for Pets  who are donating 10,000 meals of why are there so many single moms on dating sites lesbian to free best dating sites in Los Angeles, CA if 2500 postcards are received.  And they’ll donate an ADDITIONAL 1000 meals for every 1000 postcards that come in over the 2500 postcard goal (up to 15,000 meals).

online dating blog, a generic version of Frontline Top Spot, is donating $1500 of their cat flea and tick prevention product to The Stray Cat Alliance when the 2500 card goal is reached as well!  Check out their PetArmor Protection Promise page on Facebook where with one click you can trigger a donation to the ASPCA’s Diaster Relief Efforts or the shelter of your choice.

How to Pawticipate

All you have to do is send in your handmade, homemade postcards of your own pets — just 2500 postcards triggers the donation! Here’s how to make the postcards!


Screen-capture-69Stray Cat Alliance Mission: Stray Cat Alliance educates and empowers the community to advocate for every cat’s right to be safe, healthy and valued. We are building a no kill nation, one stray at a time. Vision: Stray Cat Alliance envisions a time when all cats are cared for, all kittens and domesticated cats are in loving homes and there is a healthy, but declining sterilized feral cat population. The feral cat colonies that do remain are monitored, fed, and treated medically when needed by their caregivers. Find SCA on Facebook here.

94a1The Pet Postcard Project is a grassroots arts-and-crafts project aimed at raising food for shelter pets and awareness about the plight of homeless animals. “Pet Postcards” for this project are homemade and handmade postcards featuring your own pets that you make and then snail mail into The Pet Postcard Project. Each card you send earns food for shelter dogs and cats.

So far, this project has received many thousands of funny, weird, sad, cute, and profound cards, all filled with love for a beloved pet. Please include a PHOTO of the animal on each card, or else we won’t know who’s “talking!” The words are not just captions, they are creative confessions, wishes, advice, and “you know you love your dog/cat when” ideas.

This site does NOT make money on this project. It’s all to raise food and awareness for shelter animals.



  • Use your own pet on the cards.
  • The words on the postcards are not just captions! They fall into 4 categories: CONFESSIONS, ADVICE, WISHES, and “YOU KNOW YOU LOVE YOUR DOG/CAT WHEN . . . ” The words should be funny, heartwarming, instructive, or profound.
  • Postcards must be unique — do not send multiples of the same card or store bought cards.
  • Postcards can be made by hand (craftsy) or on the computer. They must be snail mailed.
  • The Pet Postcard Project tutorial is here.



The Pet Postcard Project
676A Ninth Ave., #321
New York, NY 10036

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  1. I’m gonna make as many postcards as I can. Cuz i wanna talk to JG on the phone!!!

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